Jumble Spoiler – 04/15/21

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Visual Description:  She had hopes!


Clue/Question:  His old fishing pole was no longer usable, so he – – –

Jacksonville Fishing Report is back, and you will be, too, when weather  improves this weekend


(Ooh!  That’s a stinky pun.  I’ll refrain from making any fishy smelling analogies, because I’ve already done them . . . numerous times.  And, this Jumble does not actually contain any fish anyway.  And, I’ve already played the “hook, line and sinker” card.  So, I don’t need to fish for compliments.  I’ve got bigger fish to fry.  And, I don’t need anyone giving me the old fish eye.

All of today’s clue words are old standards.  Surprisingly though, all of the jumbles are coming up as new for me.  None gave me any trouble though.  The answer letter layout was an elaborate eleven letter jumble.  It looks like it was carefully crafted to be cryptic.  But the cartoon, its dialog, and the clue/question made getting today’s answer like shooting fish in a barrel.

Fine garage scene cartoon.  A little stereotypical, but every stereotype – whether you like it, or not – is rooted in some form of truth anyway.  I know plenty of men who love to garden.  And, I know of some women who love to fish too.  All the role reversal that the media has been forcing down our throats lately has really gotten tedious anyway.  I really hate the commercial that uses da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man . . . whatever they’re selling.  Nothing against the actress.  I just think she is completely wrong for their “breaking the mold” intended message.  Gee, I hope I’ve offended someone today!  LOL!  Be well and do good, friends.  Enjoy the music!)   —   YUR

Images courtesy of Google

Happy 78th birthday to Dave Edmunds!

And, Happy Birthday to Ed O’Brien of Radiohead!

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