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Sunday Jumble Solved – 06/26/22

Record-high rents push New Yorkers into basement homes

Visual Description:  Future cellar dweller.


Clue/Question:  The cheapest unit in the apartment complex was – – –

Pre-Answer:  Four Words  (6-letters)  (3-letters) THE (6-letters)

The Pros and Cons of Renting (or Buying) a Garden Apartment | Apartment  Therapy


(Kind of a homophonic pun!  And, not the most obvious Jumble answer, for me, or my daughter.  I tried it for a while, then I let her work on it for a while.  We both agreed that the three letter word had to be either ALL or FOR.  ALL left me with FSATREODEES, and FOR left me with SAATEDEESLL.  Neither one of those jumped out at me.  I wasn’t thinking a rhyming answer, I guess.  I did mention to my daughter that it looked like the landlord was holding a LEASE in his hand.  When I asked her if she got it, while we were heading out to late Korean Barbecue lunch, she said No.  I said maybe it was LEASED FOR THE LEAST, but she said she thought there should be quotation marks somewhere.  I said No, that’s usually when a word of a different spelling replaces a word.  When we got home, I tried LEASED FOR THE LEAST, and it worked.  So, I guess the old boy’s still got it!

No new clue words today.  However, all of today’s jumbles appear to be new.  They were no problem at all.  The answer letter layout was a fantastic fourteen letter jumble.  Nothing obvious about it from my point of view.

Great cartoon of a dumpy looking basement apartment.  I lived in a basement apartment, in Brooklyn, for three years, back in the mid ’80s.  On DeGraw Street.  I rented from a couple named Geoff and Naomi.  Very nice people.  They had a son, and a beautiful Golden Retriever too.  But it was much nicer than the one in Jeff’s drawing.  I did have to deal with some very healthy waterbugs, from time to time.  I guess it was actually more of a street level unit, in a brownstone, and the real basement was below me.  But they’d sometimes come up through the floorboards.  My Russian Blue would bat them around, but he wouldn’t eat the disgusting things.  I always had to have a can of D-Con on hand!  They’re big and ugly, but better in some ways than regular cockroaches.  Aah, the good old days!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/25/22

Best Witch Of All Time The Wicked Witch Of The West GIF - Best Witch Of All  Time The Wicked Witch Of The West The Wizard Of Oz - Discover & Share GIFs

Visual Description:  East-bound & down?


Clue/Question:  After casting so many sinister spells in a row, the evil witch had a – – –

Good Witch Versus Bad Witch - TV Tropes


(A classic movie pun!  That is unless some special interest group hasn’t determined that “The Wizard of Oz” is politically incorrect too.  That “little people” – or is it “vertically challenged” – bloc is getting bigger . . . well stronger by the minute, you know!  If/When that finally happens “TWoO” will be relegated to the cinematic scrap heap.  Yes, yes.  THAT old rant again.  We just accept too much crap-ola these days, and we shouldn’t.

All four of today’s clue words are charter members of the ralis95 clue word database.  But Mr. Hoyt has come up with four brand timeout? – can’t say spanking anymore – new jumbles to these clue words!  I think he must have access to my WordPress Tags, because he’s doing a bang-up job of coming up with new jumbles!  The answer letter layout is a flamboyant – well, it IS Gay Pride month – fourteen letter jumble.  But with all the C’s, D’s, and E’s, and the great visual clues, there really wasn’t much of challenge in getting the final answer.  At least not for anyone who has seen “The Wizard of Oz”.

Really cute cartoon!  I’ve never seen “Wicked”, so I don’t know if Nessarose Thropphas – the Wicked Witch of the East – has this scene in the show, or not.  But like her better known sister, it looks like she also commands a band of flying monkeys.  Her chaise lounge stand appears to be alive.  Ya know, I’ve never thought about this before, but does Glinda – The Good Witch of the North – have any siblings?  We’ll probably never know.  Back-stories about the bad guys are much more interesting.  Billie Burke’s Glinda was beautiful, but ultimately boring.  Margaret Hamilton’s “WWotW” – later named Elphaba – was, and will always be, the show-stopper!  Unfortunately, it kind of type-cast her.  Not that she was leading lady material to start with, but always being “the witch” must have been painful.  Great Jumble!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/24/22

Driver crashes car into barrier, apparently out of spite, police say

Visual Description:  Losing his touch?


Clue/Question:  After seeing the damage to the car, there would be a lot to – – –

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review | Common Sense Media


(Poor Ralph!  Why did that post back-up to his car like that?!!  I actually had a woman ask me that after she rear-ended me . . . at a stop light!  After she hit me, I put my car in Park and went out to check on her and her passengers, to see if anyone was hurt.  I expected some kind of apology, or at least an “oops!”  But, she screamed at me:  “Why you back up?”  I don’t think I’ve ever felt more incredulous in my entire life.  Seeing that there was no damage to either car, I just told her to have a nice day, and got back in my car and left.  I don’t like to ascribe to “popular stereotypes”, but that encounter definitely reinforced one.

The clue words are all long-time members of the ralis95 clue word database.  However, all four jumbles appear to be brand new.  Surprisingly, it took me a few looks to see “catnip”.  The others . . . right away.  The answer letter layout was an elusive eleven letter jumble.  I immediately thought of the word WRECK, but it took a little letter checking off before I saw the entire pun.  Nice job, Hoyt!

Great cartoon of an elderly couple after they backed into the post.  Not sure why anyone would need a tow truck in this situation though.  I guess it was kind of necessary in setting up the pun.  I’m a little surprised that Jeff is reinforcing another “popular stereotype”.  Ageism is not a pretty look, Jeff.  You should know your audience better!  LOL!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  Google Images is being seriously obtuse today!  It doesn’t seem to understand “rear-ending” or “backing into”.  Tons of front-end crashes involving posts though!      YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/23/22

Small Business Saturday 2021: How to shop small

Visual Description:  Local yokels.


Clue/Question:  Many small stores had opened in the  community, which created a – – –

Shop Local Thank You for Supporting Our Small Business Sign | Etsy


(Wow.  Definitely NOT the easiest of solves.  Those answer letter layout letters did not exactly scream out the answer.  At first I thought it be be something – HOLD, but the YVIOLE did not seem viable as a word.  Unless olivey is a word, which sounds silly!  Nope, WordPress doesn’t like that.  But they don’t like a lot of words that we use on the smart side of the pond.  But, in this case, I have to agree with them.  But the miss on HOLD did lead me to HOOD.  And, the YLVILE did bring me to LIVELY.

We’ve seen all of these clue words before.  Two of the jumbles appear to be new, but we’ve definitely seen both “lyohl” and “lidyo” in previous Jumbles.  The answer letter layout was a thoughtful ten letter jumble.  I thought it disguised the final answer brilliantly.

Fine street scene cartoon.  Sure, there are people shopping at the small stores, but neither the two main characters, nor the other shoppers, came off as particularly “lively”.  That might have helped to convey the word livelihood a little better.  But it was still a good pun.  I’m watching the latest January 6th Committee Hearing, so I’ve been a little distracted this afternoon.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/22/22

Doesn't all that ticking drive you crazy? – Antique and Vintage Clocks

Visual Description:  Heirloom timepiece.


Clue/Question:  The family’s clock had been handed down for generations with the – – –

Antique Clock Dial Closeup Vintage Pocket Stock Footage Video (100%  Royalty-free) 12369632 | Shutterstock


(I’ve heard that “the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”  And, I think there is a lot of truth to that.  There really is no point in stressing out over missing this experience, or that one.  What matters most is how you feel, and being with loved ones.  And, treating each other with dignity, respect, and just plain common decency.  The Golden Rule used to be the universal order of the day, before the religious extremists started insisting that things HAD to be done their way.  I’ve noticed a fairly rapid increase in religiosity since the days following 9/11/01, combined with the overall regression in tolerance.  Fear and uncertainty tend to bring out the worst in people.  And, there are plenty out there who are benefiting from it . . . at our expense.  I wish I had the power to lift the blinders, and open the eyes, of those who’ve been dazed and bedazzled by these manipulators.  But I’m just a guy with a little blog about solving puzzles.  I just wish I could resolve this one.

All of today’s clue words have been passed down over time.  However, Mt. Hoyt has come up with four brand new jumbles!  None stumped me, but they are new.  The answer letter layout was a thrilling thirteen letter jumble.  Wonderfully cryptic.  The layout of the final answer slots immediately brought me to OF TIME, which opened the door to PASSAGE.

Fine cartoon of one generation handing down a family heirloom to another.  The younger ones are very appreciative, and the older ones are pleased with their warm welcome of the treasured timepiece.  Yeah, the wife loves clocks too!  We’ve got way too many of those as well.  Good Jumble!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/21/22

Dry US 'bread-basket' works wheat prices up + pizza prices perk up too|  Commodities | Pizza Marketplace

Visual Description:  Frontier farmers.


Clue/Question:  As the U.S. Midwest was being settled in the early 1800’s, farms began – – –

The Midwest The Bread Basket General Facts Includes


(A wonderful stinky pun!  Probably not the most original Jumble pun of all time, but I can’t say I recall seeing this one before.  The Midwest was known as America’s breadbasket, because the ground was so arable and fertile.  The farmers could easily grow corn and wheat and soybeans.  But farming is far from an easy life.  They had to get up at the proverbial crack of dawn, and pretty much work until sundown.  And, they weren’t riding around on fancy tractors, or anything.  They had to walk behind a horse, or a mule, who was pulling the plow.  And, the farmer had to keep the animal, and the plow, going straight, so it was even tougher than pushing a power lawn mower.  All the harvesting was done manually then also.  And, they had to deal with the fickleness of the weather.  Sometimes too much rain, and sometimes drought.  And, those pesky twisters . . . and gophers . . . and locusts, etc., etc..  Even with modern farm equipment it’s a long difficult day, and most Americans are not into that level of labor anymore.

None of today’s clue words cropped up as new.  They were all harvested long ago.  Three of the jumbles appear to be fresh sprouts, but we’ve all seen the “ropfo” in the pudding.  The answer letter layout was a tepid ten letter jumble.  The P’s and the U made for a very quick solve.

Fine cartoon of the neighboring farmers.  The one is just picking the ears of corn off the stalks, while the other’s harvesting is done, and he’s taking his crops to market.  The “sod-busters” were a big part of what made America successful!  Fun Jumble.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/20/22

Honoring Juneteenth | Carroll University

Visual Description:  Vision store.


Clue/Question:  The optometrist’s new facility made for improved – – – 

Confederate States of America and the Legal Right To Secede - History

Answer:  EYESITE

(A good stinky pun for the first federal observance of Juneteenth!  Of course, it was actually yesterday, June the 19th, but since that was a Sunday the government observes it on the following Monday.  So, don’t expect banks or public schools to be open today.  Oh, yeah.  And, no U.S. Postal Service.  It kind of figured that Texas would be the last state to free its slaves.  They were the furthest western state of the Confederacy, and they had been an independent republic for a while, so they thought they could do their own thing.  Ironically, the last battle of the Civil War was fought fairly long after Lee’s surrender, at the Battle of Palmito Ranch, in Texas.  And, the Confederate troops prevailed.  This might have added to the Texans’ reluctance to acknowledge the emancipation of the slaves.

We’ve seen all of today’s clue words before, with “impel” being used just a week ago.  That reminds me, I still need to call ralis95!  Three of the jumbles did come up as new, but it looks like Hoyt likes to use “pmlie”.  The answer letter layout was a slight seven letter jumble.  Fairly cryptic.  But the whole set-up made for a quick solve.

Fine cartoon of the preparations for the grand opening of the optical store.  It’s all starting to come into focus!  Yes, I can see clearly now!  Happy Juneteenth everybody!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Father’s Day Jumble Solved – 06/19/22

Watch The Karate Kid | Netflix

Visual Description:  Crane kick charades.


Clue/Question:  The fact that he was a good dad was obvious and – – –

Pre-Answer:  Three Words  (8-letters)  (2-letters)  (3-letters)

160 Charades Ideas - Funny Charades Ideas for Kids and Adults


(Happy Father’s Day to the other half of the parenting dynamic!  Mine has been gone 17 years now, and sadly I can’t remember ever having actually celebrated the day with him.  I know I probably sent him a card, and of course I called him on the phone.  Part of it was just the physical distance, especially as an adult.  But the other distance was an emotional one that was the result of my parents’ divorce when I was very young.  We made up for that when I was 33, and had a healthy relationship from then on, but in some ways I’ve always felt a little cheated.  I’d like to think that in some ways I’ve made up for that with my own kids.  I can’t point to any specific accomplishment, but at least I’ve always been there for them.  Hopefully, that’s been enough.

No new clue words today.  Five of the jumbles appear to be new, but we’ve definitely seen “tecoip” in the past.  The only one I had any trouble with was “medair”.   The answer letter layout was a thrilling thirteen letter jumble.  Nicely cryptic.  I saw TO ALL, and then the rest became APPARENT.

Super cartoon!  The dad is very animated.    The kids range from blasé to pretty clueless.  One of them was close at least.  But the original “Karate Kid” movie is going on 38 years now, so we gotta give the kids some slack.   Good Jumble, guys!  Happy Father’s Day to David and Jeff!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/18/22

Playing Golf With Your Kids - Part Two | Abbey Springs - Fontana, WI

Visual Description:  A dubious drive.


Clue/Question:  For the novice golfer, the first shot of the round came with – – – 

7 ways golf can retain its youthful appeal - Golf Care Blog


(A little razzing from the guys.  But some support from his little lady friend!  Decent form.  Just keep your head down and you’ll be okay, son.

All of today’s clue words were par for the course.  The first two jumbles came up as new, but it’s an encore performance for both “roncee” and “scaaub”.  The answer letter layout was a twisty twelve letter dog-leg of a jumble.  Superbly cryptic.  The quotation marks and the hyphen were the big clues in getting the final answer.

Fun cartoon of some tweens teeing it up in the tee box.  Typical goof balls . . . with golf balls.  Boys will be boys.  Hopefully, the girl will keep them in line.  Fun Jumble.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 06/17/22

Copy Of The Fabulous 1950s - Lessons - Blendspace

Visual Description:  Ike’s pikes!


Clue/Question:  The author of the book about the U.S. Interstate Highway System had the – – –


(A good stinky pun.  A little like automobile exhaust.  But at least it doesn’t smell like diesel.  That stuff REALLY stinks!  The Federal Highway Act of 1956 was a monumental enterprise authorized by President Dwight D. Eisenhower that created the standardized cross-country driving system of highways.  Despite being proclaimed “complete” in 1992 it is still an ongoing concern.  They’re still working on I-86 in New York.  Strangely enough, there’s another – shorter – I-86 in the state of Idaho!  I never realized that some of these numeric designations repeated.  There are a few that actually go coast to coast, but I guess the bulk of them repeat, depending on which side of the Mississippi River they are.  That’s my guess at least.

We’ve seen all of today’s clue words before.  But all of today’s jumbles are coming up as new!  I didn’t find any of them tough though.  The answer letter layout was a tidy ten letter jumble.  I thought it was nicely cryptic.  It was just pretty easy to pick up on the pun of right of way.  We see a lot of word play with: ride, right, write, wright and rite.

Today’s cartoon looks like a lecture at a library to me.  Everybody appears to be adults.  It looks like his map is showing us I-90, I-80 and I-40.  I’ve only been on I-90 and I-80, so I’m guessing about I-40.  Nice Friday Jumble.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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