Cryptoquote Spoiler – 02/21/11

Listen to your father

Observe good faith and justice toward all nations.  Cultivate peace and harmony with all.”   — George Washington

(Boy, has this country strayed since its “Father” wrote/spoke these words, at his Farewell Address!  The U.S. is still a great nation.  We’re just not what we profess to be, nor are we what our founding fathers envisioned.  The frustrating thing is . . . we still could be.  We’d have to overthrow the Corporatocracy that has hijacked our government and kidnapped our national spirit, but the possibility does exist.  Far too many of us suffer from a kind of “Stockholm Syndrome“, where we relate and even revere our corporate captors.  It’s a kind of co-dependency.  Those of us who do see what has happened, and what continues to go on, need to approach this situation as a relative, or other loved one, would of an alcoholic or other addict.  Because we do care we cannot just ignore it, and pretend that it will go away on its own.  We need to orchestrate a national intervention.  If we don’t, then these unfortunate addicts are just going to drag us all down with them.  Oh, yeah.  Happy President’s Day.) —   YUR

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