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(Perplexing) Sunday Jumble Spoiler(?) – 02/27/11


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Visual Description:  Modern artist with his muse.

DIELEY  =  EYELID,  SLIMAD  =  DISMAL,  HALNIE  =  INHALE,  TARREY  =  RARETY (or ARTERY),  TERRAH  =  RATHER,  INIBIK  =  BIKINI   —   Giving us:  IDDSINHREHEBI (or replace the R with an A)

Clue/Question:  When the artist completed his work, the canvas was . . .

Answer:  Not feelin’ it, yo!  I was thinking the first word had to be either:  HIDDEN, BEHIND, or BESIDE.  Bu . . . Never mind!  I got it.


(Wow!  That was a tough one.  I labored, mainly, under the false assumption that “TARREY” was “RARETY”.  When I substituted “ARTERY” I only looked at the possibilities of “HIDDEN” and “BESIDE”, forgetting all about “BEHIND”.  Which is strange, because I had been leaning towards “BEHIND” with the first set of answer letters!  Whew!  Saved me the trouble of asking for suggestions.  Pretty sneaky, guys.  Great way to end Mike’s run?  Do good, friends.)   — YUR

PSIf the Academy values subtlety over “ACTING” then Annette Bening might upset Natalie Portman tonight.  “Black Swan” was Ms. Portman’s “Raging Bull” performance, but some feel this might be some kind of make up time for Ms. Bening’s body of work.  Tough decision! YUR

PSS. Good luck to “God of Love”!

Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 02/27/11

Apollo and the muses, inflicting penance on Dr...

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Though a man often pleases by inferiority, there are few who desire to give such pleasure.”   — Samuel Johnson

(When I was a kid, I always used to take pleasure in people who were over weight, had bad teeth, and/or were bald.  Then I became best friends with a guy who had horrible teeth and was about as bald as they come.  Fortunately, I’ve kept most of my hair.  There’s been a certain amount of receding, but not as much as most of my contemporaries.  I still have great teeth.  Sure, they’re a bit longer now . . . but, they’re still mine.  But the weight issue?  Hoo boy!  I could stand to drop about 30.  It’s just so damn easy when you’re young.  The concept of a slowing metabolism just does not hit home, until all your bad habits become entrenched, nearly unbreakable, vices.  Be careful what you scoff at, young ones.  Life has a way – many ways – of biting you on the butt. )   — YUR

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