Security Gains??? of “The Surge”

Do you see what happens when the US government (read the Bush Administration) tries to take too much credit for very questionable glory.

Further proof that the additional 20,000 men, playing whack-a-mole, actually had very little to do with any significant improvements in Iraq.  Looks like someone reneged on a promise made to al Sadr.

It’s time to stop being obedient sheep, people.  The Great Fabricator pulled another fast one, with the help of the culpable corporate media propaganda machine.  And let’s face it, kids.  We let it happen . . . again.  So, put down the Bud-Lite and the Cheetohs, and get off yer mushy, complacent arses and start making some friggin’ noise!  Damn it!

Your Uncle Rave

1 Response to “Security Gains??? of “The Surge””

  1. 1 Lorenzo E. Danielsson March 28, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Because of the increased security situation, the Iraqi government is hiding in the Green Zone, only venturing out to interact with the citizens of liberated Iraq in the company of soldiers and armored vehicles.

    A good taster of democracy for Iraqis. The idea about democracy that I would form if I were there, is “ah, so democracy means that our leaders can sleep safely at night while the rest of us fear for our lives every hour”. Good work Mr. President.

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