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Why NOT Hillary

First, let me say that I have voted twice for Hillary Clinton, as US Senator from New York.  She is an extremely intelligent person, who has more experience and connections, within the Democratic Party machine, than Barack Obama.  She has shown great courage, both in standing by Bill, during some very trying times, and in the face of all the flack she has taken over the years . . . mostly for being an opinionated woman.  While she was the First Lady the conservatives threw everything at her but the proverbial kitchen sink.  She IS a force to be reckoned with.

But, in this citizen’s opinion, she has sold out the Democratic Party, and is living up to the nickname that some have given her: Bush-Lite.  Why do I say that?  Well, consider the following:

She was one, of many, who voted to give George W. Bush the authority to use military force against Iraq.  But, unlike most of the Democrats who voted as such, and especially those Democrats who were earlier Presidential candidates, she refuses to apologize for her vote.  She won’t even admit that it was a mistake.  It has been my experience that people who can’t muster an apology, or admit to their mistakes, are either insecure, or arrogant . . . or both.  (This should remind you of someone.)  But, perhaps she has a reason for not (even) admitting that it was a mistake.  Perhaps, despite some political posturing to the contrary, she was actually in favor of the resulting “regime change” . . . all along.  Throughout this long primary process she has been the least committed, of all the Democratic candidates, to call for the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.  She speaks of beginning to draw down the troops within 60 days.  No numbers, mind you.  Not even any best/worst case scenario numbers. It could be one soldier brought home on day 59.  And, she refuses to hint at any kind of timetables.  It all depends on what’s happening on the ground.  Does that not sound exactly like a certain someone, who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  All of this despite the sweeping referendum of the 2006 congressional elections?!? A clear 63% (in some polls it’s much higher) of the American voters want the US out of Iraq.  She is clearly playing more to the center.  She doesn’t want to alienate the Republican soccer moms, who are apt to vote for her . . . mainly because she’s a woman.  Anyway you look at it it’s not what the Democrats, by and large, have striven for.

She has ridiculed Barack Obama for his willingness to sit down with the leaders of countries who are not currently “with us”.  Does she think that George Bush’s cowboy diplomacy has endeared us to the world, or made us any safer?  We’ve endured seven plus years of the High Plains Drifter.  Can we afford an additional four years of Annie Oakley?  Entrenched tough talk does nothing but alienate both our foes and our friends.  We need a return to real diplomacy.  Sure, it can be duplicitous at times, but at least everyone comes away being heard.  All sides get to hold on to, at the very least, a modicum of their dignity.

And, the way she has been conducting her campaign has left a lot to be desired.  Always asserting that Barack is primarily drawing his support from Black voters, Bill’s “fairy-tale” comment, Bill’s comparing Barack’s campaign to Jesse Jackson’s, bringing up Barack’s youthful – but honest – indiscretion with recreational drugs,  (At least he admits to inhaling.), the “Three AM Phone Call” scare tactic, and Geraldine Ferraro’s assertion that Barack’s campaign is where it’s at only because he’s Black.  And finally, the airing of the – out of context – Reverend Wright rantings.  So nicely pieced together in a neat little montage, all to suggest that Obama supports a kind of Black racism.  (It’s a little early to lay this off on the Republican machine.)  Some might argue that some of these things were out of Hillary’s control, but I don’t buy that.  These things have all the telltale signs – all the stench – of a Karl Rove campaign.  I never expected the Clinton campaign to play the race card . . . at least, not to this extent.

That concludes the Bush-Lite portion of my reasoning.

I also refuse to get on board her experience train.  As far as I can tell, she has really held only one political office, that being her current Senate seat, held since January 2003.  She has one more term, as a Senator, than Obama has.  But that’s it.  Obama, besides being a junior US Senator, served in the Illinois Senate from 1997 – 2004.  And before that, he was a civil rights lawyer and community organizer, in the city of Chicago, from 1993 to the end of 1996.  Yes, Mrs. Clinton did travel to some 80 countries as the First Lady, but those trips were more ceremonial than official.  A real cynic could call her a well-traveled tourist.  But, I wouldn’t go that far.  Her years in the White House, as First Lady, might provide her with certain kind of insight, but they honestly can’t be considered, nor should be considered, actual experience.  And besides, won’t her claim of more experience get trumped by John McCain’s, if she were to win the nomination?

I can understand her wanting the presidency . . . very badly.  It would be historic.  But, she has to remember that the Democratic Party platform has to be about much more than universal healthcare and repealing No Child Left Behind.  Taking this country back, and restoring a sense of hope to its people, is more important than personal ambitions.  That is why I can’t get behind Hillary in this election.

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