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Nakba Remembrance Day! 05/15/23

At least 530 Palestinian villages destroyed in 1947-1949 : r/MapPorn

2023 marks 75 years since the Nakba (“catastrophe”), the violent ethnic cleansing of nearly 800,000 Indigenous Palestinians.

In 1948, violent militias destroyed hundreds of villages, massacring and forcefully removing two-thirds of the Palestinian population. For 75 years, stateless refugees have been denied the internationally-recognized right of return to their homes.

The Nakba never ended. To this day, the Israeli government is still trying to erase an entire people by systematically displacing and dehumanizing Palestinians.

In violation of international law, Israel’s government continues to massacre, imprison, and steal land from Palestinians—all while denying Palestinians basic freedoms and needed resources such as water and electricity.

The U.S. is the top provider of military aid to Israel, using billions of taxpayer dollars each year to support this apartheid system. As far-right Israeli officials in power call for “another Nakba” and escalate human rights abuses against Palestinians, we cannot look the other way. We cannot allow this unbearable status quo to continue.

Israeli propaganda denies that the Nakba ever happened. We must tell the truth about the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

Educating U.S. lawmakers and residents is an important step toward Palestinian liberation.

Now is the time to speak out: May 15th is the 75th commemoration of the Nakba. Representative Rashida Tlaib just re-introduced a resolution in Congress to recognize the Nakba and support Palestinian rights.

The resolution calls on the United States to continue to support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency—which provides social services to millions of Palestinian refugees—and to support the implementation of Palestinian refugees’ rights as enshrined in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”   —   Rashida Tlaib

The More You Know!   —   YUR

Crystal Anniversary!

15 Anniversary Images - Free Download on Freepik

According to WordPress, today marks 15 years that I have been a blogger!  It was never intended to be dedicated to the Jumble and the Cryptoquote, but it just kind of turned out that way.  I’ve made many friends along the way, and a few who probably see me more as an enemy – for whatever reason – as I continue to do my own thing.  Thanks to all who either enjoy, or simply tolerate, all my observations, rants and diatribes.  I always try to be a straight shooter, and you can always rely on me to be my genuine – unautomated – self!  As always, be well and do good, friends!   —   YUR

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is Dangerous

Jacques Loveall on Twitter: ""I may not agree with what you say, but I will  defend to the death your right to say it." Evelyn Beatrice Hall #FreeSpeech  #1u #UFCW8" /

(A little over a month ago MTG stated to a crowd at a Trump PAC Save America rally:  “Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings.”   It’s bad enough that the level of vitriol is poisoning American civility, but resorting to blatant scare tactics is just playing on man’s basest emotion:  FEAR.  And, unfortunately, it’s not just her.  In New York, Lee Zeldin’s campaign ads state:  “Vote like your life depend on it . . . because it does!”

Zeldin’s scare tactic is geared towards those who the corporate media have convinced that crime has gotten out of hand.  The media, as a whole, is neither “liberal” nor “conservative”.  They are driven by just one thing:  PROFIT.  What generates these profits is ratings, as they all adhere to the old media mantra:  If it bleeds, it leads.  He’s taking advantage of what is largely a misperception of the facts.  Bottom line, some crimes are up, but others are actually down.  But when you turn on the news it can seem like we’re all going to Hell in the proverbial hand-basket!  Unless you are personally experiencing – or witnessing – crime you need to be cognizant of what these news reports are trying to do . . . get your attention, and elicit raw emotions.  Experts have attributed rises in certain crimes to the pandemic, and the resulting economic fallout.  Namely inflation, the downturn in the financial markets, and rising fuel prices.  These are global issues.  They’re NOT just happening in the U.S.  Regardless of whether you want to believe anything that I am pointing out, we should not be guided by fear.  We should be guided by our principles.

But getting back to MTG, and her even more blatant, and divisive assertions, do you really believe that Democrats want Republicans dead???  By now, you must know that I’m a Democrat.  And, not just a Democrat, but an actual liberal Democrat.  I say “actual” because so much of the political rhetoric has it that EVERY Democrat in office is an “extreme liberal”.  This is totally ridiculous, as the vast majority of Democrats in office are actually moderate Democrats.  There is a small group known as “The Squad” who are very liberal, but their influence is minimal.  They’re the exceptions, not the rule.  But I grew up in a highly Republican enclave where Democrats were in the minority.  Probably a good 70% of the people I grew up with are registered Republicans.  Many/most of my friends from work are Republican.  And a good number of my family members are Republicans.  Do you actually think that I would wish death – or any harm – on friends and loved ones?  I have protested the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, I have attended Occupy Wall Street rallies, I continue to support BLM and BDS because I see them as issues to correct glaring injustices.  I’m a friggin’ “tree-hugger”.  A “snowflake”, as some like to call me.  Yes, I am a reflection of all Democrats.  We want what everyone, pretty much everywhere, wants.  Just to get along in a peaceful, civil and just society.

Don’t give in to the ugly hype, folks.  We can all get along, as we have for generations.  We can agree to disagree on certain issues without being disagreeable.  We are all Americans.  We should be guided by the words of Voltaire, as interpreted by Evelyn Beatrice Hall:  “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  And, also by FDR’s:  “The only thing we have to fear . . . is fear itself.”  Now, go out there and bravely exercise your right – and privilege – as American citizens, and VOTE!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR 

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A Timely Parody . . . using an old song

The Herschel went down to Georgia, he was lookin’ for an election to steal
He was outta his mind with a large behind
And spoutin’ that MAGA spiel
When he came across this reverend sawin’ on a fiddle and playin’ it hot
And the Herschel jumped up on a red clay clump
And said, “Rev, let me tell you what”
“I guess you didn’t know it but I like Fiddle Faddle too
And if you’d care to pet the bear, I’ll make a bet with you
Now you play a pretty good fiddle, Rev
But give the Herschel a clue
I’ll bet a fiddle of brass that I beat your ass
‘Cause I think I’m fitter than you”
The Rev said, “my name’s Warnock, and you know how to spin
But I’ll take your bet, and you’re gonna regret
‘Cause I’m the honest man who’ll win”
Reverend, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard
‘Cause Heck’s broke loose in Georgia, and the Herschel’s in the yard
And if you win, you get this shiny fiddle made of brass
But if you lose, the Herschel passes gas
The Herschel opened up his case and said, “I’ll start to crow”
And lies flew from his very lips as he rosined up his bow
And he pulled the bow across the strings
And it made a MAGA hiss
Then a band of Proud Boys joined in
And it sounded something like this

(Crazed Fiddle Interlude)

When the Herschel finished, Warnock said, “Well, you’re a pretty good BSer, son
But sit down in that chair right there
And let me show you how a senate seat is won”
“Fire on the Mountain” run boys, run
The Herschel’s in the House of the Stinking Bum
Chicken in a bread pan pickin’ out dough
Granny, does your dog bite? No, Rev, no
The Herschel bowed his head because it was full of meat
And he laid that brassy fiddle on the ground at Warnock’s feet
Warnock said, “Herschel, just come on back if you ever wanna try again
I done told you once you son of a bitch, I’m the honest man who’ll win”
He played “Fire on the Mountain” run boys, run
The Herschel’s in the House of the Stinking Bum
Chicken in a bread pan pickin’ out dough
Granny, will your dog bite? No Rev, no.

—   YUR

Can We Just STOP? Please!

cry baby | Meme Generator

This story is, or was, pretty much dead and buried already.  But only because one party was unjustly suspended, and forced to apologize, for engaging in a little friendly trash talk during a baseball game!

I think that most of you know me by now, as a very liberal individual, who supports voting rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and most of all civil rights.  I’m a firm believer in the Black Lives Matter movement, and I truly believe that our police systems should be reformed.  And, some of you may know – but for those of you who don’t, I’ll tell you – I hate the New York Yankees.  I can’t even get behind those who say you have to root for the home team!  Nonsense!  When you’re a New York baseball fan you have to make a choice.  Mine was, and is, the New York Mets.  The cross town rivals are my nemesis, and I always take great pleasure when they lose.  But when it comes to their individual players I’m generally pretty ambivalent.  The only one that I would ever really say I actually “hated” would be Roger Clemons, because he was a psycho-bitch.  But he has long retired – thankfully – and I have actually mellowed in my old age.

With that being said, I’ve always been ambivalent about Josh Donaldson.  He never played for my Mets.  This is his first year as a Yankee, but he has had an admirable career.  He’s been in the big leagues since 2010.  He’s a three time All Star, a two time Silver Slugger Award winner, and he won the AL MVP in 2015.  He’s now on his sixth team, and everywhere he’s gone he’s been considered a “team player”, and the antithesis of a trouble maker.

A couple of weeks ago the Yankees were playing the Chicago White Sox, and Josh Donaldson teasingly called White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson “Jackie”, because in a 2019 interview with Sports Illustrated Mr. Anderson made the statement:  “I kinda feel like today’s Jackie Robinson.”  He has been in the bigs about half the time Donaldson has.  He’s been in one All Star game, and won one Silver Slugger Award, and he was the AL Batting Champ in 2019 – the year he made the statement – so I guess you could say he’s an up and coming star.  Truth is I’d never heard of him before this happened, as I don’t pay too much attention to the American League, being a Mets fan.  So, I didn’t have ANY opinion of him . . . until now.  The Yankees had recently taken 3 – 4 games in Chicago, and then the White Sox were losing the game on Saturday, in New York, so I think Anderson was mainly frustrated with their efforts.  He went back to his bench and started complaining that Donaldson was “disrespecting” him.  Donaldson considered the calling him “Jackie” an “inside joke”, as he had also done so back in 2019, after Anderson had made his statement to SI.

In my mind, if you make a statement comparing yourself with one of the game’s greatest players you have to expect a good amount of blow-back.  I think that is why most rational people do not make these kind of statements, because it just opens you up to criticism . . . especially when you don’t live up to that comparison.  Jackie Robinson was in the MLB for only 9 seasons, and during that time he was the MLB Rookie of the Year – 1947, the NL MVP – 1949, a 2X NL stolen base leader – ’47 & ’49, and he was SIX time All-Star, with a batting average of .313!   You definitely have a ways to go, young man!

Josh Donaldson did not call Tim Anderson:  Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Willie Stargell, Ozzie Smith, or any of the other African American baseball players of renown.  Why?  Because Tim Anderson never made any statement comparing himself to any of them.  Only to Jackie Robinson.  And, Josh Donaldson has never called Josh Bell, Mookie Betts, Dee Gordon, Dom Smith, Michael Brantley, or any other current African American baseball player “Jackie”, because they never compared themselves to Jackie Robinson.  He very likely has called Jackie Bradley Jr. “Jackie” . . . but of course that IS his name.

Taking offense to someone calling you a name – that isn’t yours – is the furthest thing from being racist.  In this case it was just a well-deserved dig.  It’s playful trash talk, that he has set yourself up for with his own words.  To whine to your manager (Tony La Russa) about it, and then agree with him – publicly – that it’s disrespectful AND “racist” is just deplorable.  There is more than enough actual racism and hatred in this world, and besmirching a fellow ballplayer’s reputation with this kind of allegation helps no one whatsoever.

And, the fact that everyone seems to have fallen in line with the all too eager to condemn PC police is just as disgusting.  All the players that Josh Donaldson has played with, and against, over the years know that he is not a racist.  The fact that none of his current teammates have come to his support is just plain sad, and that MLB had the temerity to suspend him for a game is just a cowardly act of weakness and injustice.  And, to think that Tim Anderson got a pass for calling Brad Keller a “weak-ass f—— n—–“, after getting hit by a pitch, is the irony that takes the cake.  He can call a fellow player the “N-word”, but someone teasingly calling him “Jackie” is racist?

I have no affection for either of these players, as they’ve never really affected my Mets.  But this is a gross injustice!  Josh Donaldson does not deserve this kind of treatment/character assassination.  And, Tim Anderson has made a mockery of a very serious subject.  Maybe worst of all?  MLB, our media, and all who remain silent – or agree with this utter nonsense – have allowed this to happen!  Shame on us all.


Human Population . . . again!

The evil genie tg: Prologue by thetgking on DeviantArt

On occasion, some of you haven’t exactly supported/subscribed to my assertion that the world is quickly being overpopulated by human beings, who are resulting in climate change, aka: global warming. Granted, I’m much more of a wiseacre . . . wise guy . . . wise ass – take yer pick – than an actual wise man, but I am certainly not alone in my contention.

A reader of Parade Magazine, a Mr. Don Vollmer, posed to “Ask Marilyn” if the growing human population was enough to cause climate change.  The noted genius, Marilyn vos Savant, pointed out what I’ve said numerous times.  It took around 100,000 years for us to get to a population of 2 billion by the year 1900 – or so – which was just as the Industrial Revolution was getting into full swing, but since then we’ve skyrocketed to nearly 8 BILLION souls!  In a mere 122 years we’ve quadrupled what took us 99,878 years (998 CENTURIES) to *achieve*!  A lot of the growth is because we’ve solved smallpox and many other major killer diseases, but also it’s because of how of our modern conveniences have increased our standard of living.  Until a few hundred years ago human life expectancy averaged around 28.5 – 32 years.  By the 1950s it had grown to an average of 45.7 – 48 years.  Now, the world average is up to 72.6 – 73.2 years.  And, it’s even higher in first-world countries, like the U.S. and Canada.

Marilyn pointed out that if we lived the simpler agrarian lives, of days gone by, the population increase would be sustainable, but because of how we now live – our increased standard of living – the continued growth cannot be sustained.  She didn’t go into detail, but one can infer she meant we’ve all become such huge consumers, and a lot of that consumption comes in the form of burning fossil fuels, both in the generation of electricity, and in powering our automobiles.  And, also the petroleum we use to create all the plastics, that so much is made of these days, and the rare earth metals that our electronics use.  And, all of our single use paper products – like toilet paper, napkins and paper towels – are contributing to the global deforestation, just as the reliance on palm oil – in the foods that we eat – is causing deforestation in the rain forests of the world.  We’re spoiling too much of our ground water, and we’re running out of places to put our trash.  The genie is out of the bottle, folks!

Marilyn vos Savant has the highest recorded I.Q. in the Guinness Book of Records.  She has served on numerous boards of directors, and was the Chief Financial Officer for Jarvik Heart, Inc., as well as authoring “Ask Marilyn”.  No one is saying that she’s the smartest human on the planet, or anything, but she is a very respected thinker.  Dismiss my diatribes if you will, but don’t mess with Marilyn!  Be well and do good, friends.     YUR

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Dismayed, Disgusted and Disappointed!

What's next for Will Smith and Chris Rock - CNN

By now, just about everybody – on the planet – has seen the clip of the most egregious – and totally uncalled for – attack by the actor Will Smith on the comedian Chris Rock.  I had zero interest in the Academy Awards this year, as I hadn’t seen a single new movie in 2021.  But I did switch over to it right after the incident, to see Questlove receive the award for Best Documentary.  A friend of mine texted me a link to an uncensored clip of the attack a little later, and I was totally dumbfounded!  Will Smith?  Everybody’s smiling, laughing good guy???

The physical assault was unprecedented in Oscar history, but the follow-up obscenity laden screaming was possibly even more disturbing.  I’m fully comfortable with the acronym For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, as I drop a dozen, or more, F-bombs each day.  But I’m always cognizant of the company in which I may launch them.  Would I ever scream out that word – twice – in anger – in a theater full of people, most of whom I probably don’t know?  Knowing full well that the event was being televised around the globe?  No!  That was sheer madness.  And, over a fairly innocuous joke about his wife’s – Jada Pinkett Smith’s – very public appearance!  Celebrities are in the public eye, and just about everything said to them, and about them, is considered fair game.  They are supposed to be thick skinned.  For Will to respond with both violence and obscenity was utterly disgusting.  And, for me, it totally destroyed his good guy persona.

Some people have tried to spin it as Will being a “man”, defending his wife’s honor.  That is complete nonsense, as Chris Rock was just making a simple joke.  And, Will Smith can even be seen laughing at it, until he caught Jada’s eye roll and dirty look.  Other’s have tried to say that the G.I. Jane II joke somehow “crossed the line”.  If Jada had been going through chemo-therapy, for cancer, then that would be cause for saying it crossed the line.  But she has Alopecia.  It’s an unfortunate hair loss condition, but it’s not physically painful, and it’s certainly not fatal.  And, in some cases, the hair can grow back.  It affects about 2% of people during some time of their life.  We had a neighborhood kid who lost both of his eyebrows from it.  He’s fine today.  And Jada Pinkett Smith – to her credit – went public with it.  And, despite her shaved head she is still a very attractive woman.  Trying to say the joke was “tasteless” or “offensive” is a just way to excuse Will Smith’s inexcusable behavior.  That kind of violence and obscenity cannot be justified.

Another complaint that I have goes to how the media continues to report this.  And, this might sound petty, or picky, but Will did not say:  “Keep my wife’s name out OF your FFFF’n mouth!”  He very specifically said “Keep my wife’s name out yo FFFF’n mouth!”  Both times.  No “of” and “yo”, not “your”.  I understand that Will Smith was born and raised in West Philadelphia, possibly in a tough neighborhood.  But did he consciously choose to speak this way – as a way to make himself sound even MORE threatening – or was this a case of:  you can take some folks out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of some folks?  We all know he can speak “the King’s English” when he has/wants to.  Just report it accurately, media!

I have to commend Chris Rock.  First for taking the shot, from a bigger guy, and not going down.  Second for his quick recovery to make light of the situation, and continue with his presentation.  And, third for telling the police that he wouldn’t be pressing charges.  Because he very easily – and rightfully – could have pressed charges.  My son has had some personal – public – dealings with Chris Rock, and apparently he is NOT a very friendly individual.  But that can be the case with so many celebrities.  Everybody has their shortcomings.

Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock, and I guess to the rest of us who saw the assault, but it was only on  Instagram.  And, as the old saying goes:  a day late and a dollar short!  He had the opportunity to apologize during his acceptance speech on Sunday night, but instead gave a half-baked, self-serving apology to the Academy and his fellow nominees.  There’s a lot of speculation that this apology was mainly an attempt to repair his reputation, as public sentiment was trending decidedly against him.  He has some more work to do, aside from this apology.  And, he could face some kind of punishment from the Academy.

My wife has always adored Will Smith, and feels very bad for him.  I’m a much more casual fan, but this whole incident makes me wonder about the more general rise in violence, all around the world.  With all this political polarization causing hurtful, hateful vitriol, and this unnecessary war in Ukraine, and countries like China, Myanmar, and Israel perpetrating various forms of apartheidism/genocide, and people assaulting others in the streets, and on the subways, because they’re either Asian or Jewish, etc., etc., I have to wonder if Will Smith’s actions are just a symptom of some kind of universal madness that is taking over the world!  Can we ever return to civility?  Be well and do good, friends.   —   Your Uncle Rave

Happy 13th Anniversary!

13th Wedding Anniversary Card - Lace Anniversary - Iconic Collection | Wedding anniversary cards, 13th wedding anniversary, Happy anniversary cards

According to the WordPress gurus, today is the thirteenth anniversary of Uncle Rave’s Wordy Weblog!  The traditional gift is lace, but I’ll gladly accept cash, stocks, beer, bourbon, and any illicit . . .   LOL!  Stay well and do some good, friends!   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 09/12/20 (Of Course)

US Arms Flag] originated at the University of California, Berkeley, circa 1971. An upside down flag is a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger. : PropagandaPostersNot really, folks.  But, since nobody really seems to care anyway, I’m just going to rant and rave the inconvenient Truth to you.  The Official Narrative of 9/11/2001 was, and still is, largely an orchestrated LIE, designed to chiefly accomplish two things.

  1.  Put the United States on a perpetual/never ending war footing.  and
  2.  Disrupt much of the Arab/Islamic world, primarily for the benefit of the state of Israel.

It was THE most implausible chain of events that has ever happened in the history of the world.  But, instead of wondering, and then INVESTIGATING, the who and hows of such monumentally catastrophic events happening, to THE most powerful, technologically advanced nation in the world, we were immediately fed a ridiculous string of fairy-tale like lies.  And, because the country – and most of the world – was in a complete state of shock, sadness and anger . . . we (the vast majority of us at least) were all too eager/gullible to believe what those in – what should be – trusted positions of authority were all too eager – and READY – to tell us.

Why bother investigating any of it, when they got so many of us to believe this amazing story?  Of course it was 19 Arabic men with box cutters who hijacked the planes.  Of course they had knowledge of all the military exercises – that only the military would know of – that were happening that day.  And, of course 4 of these loathsome 19, who could barely fly a four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing, propeller aircraft were able to masterfully fly large, sophisticated, commercial jet airliners into both of the World Trade Towers, and also into the 5 story Pentagon, which was very likely THE most secure/protected building, in THE most secure/protected city, in the entire world.  And, of course both Trade Towers collapsed, in under two hours, one in 1 hour 42 minutes and the other in just 56 minutes, “due to the heat of the jet fuel” – which burns at a max of 1500°F – melting the the steel support beams, which would have required temperatures of 2750°F to do so.  And, of course neither of the towers toppled over, but they both came straight down, in their own footprints.  And then, at 5:20PM of that fateful day, of course the World Trade Center 7 building, which had NOT been hit by a jet, but had sustained some damage, due to the North Tower’s collapse, at 10:28AM, came down in its own footprint, allegedly because of internal fires.  So, despite the fact that NO skyscraper – in the history of skyscrapers – had EVER collapsed before – or since – due to fires, including fires that have burned for days . . . of course three of them did that terrible day.

Oh, but our government wouldn’t have been complicit in the deaths of nearly 3000 people, most of them American citizens!  Really?  With the kind of money and power involved with our military industrial complex, and the destabilization of these oil producing countries???  It’s been said that the U.S. could have saved 36,000 lives if social distancing had been implemented one week earlier, in this battle to contain COVID-19.  How many more lives, had President Trump not publicly downplayed the disease’s severity back in January and February?  I really don’t like apples and oranges types of comparisons, but I think that this demonstrates that the lives of everyday people is NOT the #1 priority of our government.

If you made it this far, friends, you can all go back to your idyllic dreamlike existences, where the U.S. is that bright and shiny city on a hill, and the bastion of both racial equality, and equal justice for all.  “They hate us for our freedoms.”  Really?   —   YUR

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Happy Easter/Passover/Whatever Else Is Out There!

Enjoy your holiday, or just your day, with friends and family!  Today’s spoilers will be posted either later this evening, or some time tomorrow.  Be well and do good, friends.      YUR

PS. Keep the good people of Sri Lanka in your thoughts and prayers!      YUR

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