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A Letter from JoAnn

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This Letter to the Editor appeared in my local newspaper and was written by a friend of mine.  She is a very talented writer, and we share a number of political viewpoints.  I think that many of you will enjoy it.  Please feel free to post comments.   —   YUR

Although pleased regarding the decision to withdraw our troops from Iraq, we’ll still be there in large measure in a so-called diplomatic presence requiring independent contractors.  

Corporate influences will still be paramount and coddled by this burgeoning community called “The Green Zone.” Meanwhile, the people of Iraq live in the unimaginably dangerous rubble of war.

President Obama boasts of fulfilling his Promise. But he fails to recognize the spirit and implications of that promise.  Lying by omission is at the heart of the cancer that continues to plague our ability to shape our future. The Obama Administration has thrown us a bone. I’ll be happy to have the troops back among us, but don’t expect me to celebrate while I’m still choking on the lie.

Corporations that seek ultimate influence over governmental power have disqualified themselves from leadership in our Democracy. We must: Reinstate Glass- Steagall regulations; junk hackable computer-scanner voting machines; reverse the damaging Citizens United Supreme court ruling ; deny more bailouts for corporations or banks; kick out Supreme Court Justices who betray the job description; and put our arms manufacturers to work making America green.

We’re internationally applauded for our past struggles for human rights, not the proliferation of corporate greed at the expense of the people who have made this country great.

JoAnn Wendl

How Many Newspapers Will Run This Photo?

This is happening today, 09/23/08, in Washington D.C., on a 35 foot ledge of the National Archive Building.  I, personally, think they should be including Karl Rove somewhere on their banner.  Dick and Duh-bya couldn’t have done . . . anything, without Baby Huey’s help!   YUR

(These men certainly are NOT slaves.)

What Extended/Multiple Tours Can Do To “Our Boys”

The following video (see link below) is extremely disturbing, no matter how you look at it.  I’m sure we all hope and pray that these bad apples are the exception, and not the rule.  Even if they are the rare exception, I think it illustrates the short-sightedness of our foray into, and continued occupation of, Iraq.  The actions alone are deplorable, but when you couple them together with the (near psychotic) laughter . . . it suggests that these kids – our kids – have just gone over the edge.

We all know that bad actions get far more attention than the good in this world.  (Maybe NOT in our media when it comes to this war, but that’s another issue.)  Even if/when our troops do good by hundreds (even thousands) of Iraqis, it’s these other kinds of incidents that will register in their memories.  One of our stated goals is to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.  This does not strike me as a good way to go about it. 

Where is the leadership?!?!

Your Uncle Rave

Hey, Gathering of Eagles! Are YOU Paying Attention?

All of us “Support The Troops”, you dopes!  Only the weak-minded, FOX News watching, brainwashed, jingoistic, knee-jerk *patriots* believe that opposing the war is Anti-American and/or Anti-Military! (Someone has pulled the video from YouTube)

Check out the number of hits, boys.

Who’s your daddy???  Your Uncle Rave!!!  That’s right, suckas!

My Favorite “Loose Cannon”

If you’ve ever read my “What it is!” section you’d know that besides being a proud LIBERAL, I also have some Libertarian leanings.  In no small part, this is due to THE gentleman from Texas, named Ron Paul.  Unless you’re one of those C-SPAN junkies, you likely missed this this week.  It’s NOT the kind of thing that the mainstream (corporate) media gave ANY attention to.

On April the 9th, at the Report to Congress on the Situation in Iraq by General Commander David H Petraeus, Representative Paul did not mince words, in making his statement, that contained some of the best thought out questions and observations that could possibly have been made, on the subject at hand.  Ron Paul knew that he would not really get any answers to his questions, but he just wanted them to be part of the record.  General Petraeus looked a combination of stunned and peeved, and he said that he couldn’t answer the (main) question.  And, Ambassador Ryan Crocker did his best impression of Porky Pig, in parroting General Petraeus’s non-response.


Your Uncle Rave


The Defunct Soda – AKA: The Surge

How soon before G.W. changes the name of this offensive to the Vault???  Your uncle has been ranting and raving about the so-called security gains of this . . . this Surge for a few weeks now.  Why?  Because, I don’t like it when they piss on us, and try to tell us that it’s raining!  And, that’s exactly what our corporate media has been doing to us.  They just parrot all the BS that the Bush (remember; you can’t spell Bush without BS) administration spin/spews at us.  Edward R. Murrow, Howard K. Smith, Harry Reasoner, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and Peter Jennings are all dead.  And so, apparently, are journalistic objectivity and integrity in the vast majority of our television, radio, and print medias.  What we’re left with is this embarrassing, pathetic cheerleading squad, that tries to pass itself off as news.  Rii-ight!  All the news that’s fit to flush!  They don’t DARE question anything that this administration says.  The current crop (yes, as in vegetable) of anchors and reporters are scared to death of losing their jobs and being black-balled.  It’s the same mentality as potential whistle-blowers in the FBI, NSA, CIA (whathaveyou): We’ll risk our lives, but we won’t risk our jobs!  It’s sad for them, but even sadder for us.  We, ultimately, are the victims, because we’ve been conditioned, for a very long time, to trust these people.  Well, it’s time we wake up.  It’s time we take the blinders off.  It’s time we get back to critical thinking.

A while back I cited the al Sadr ceasefire as having more to do with the perceived gains than The Surge.  For the sake of brevity, I left out that we were also paying some of the Sunni militias to fight al-Qaida, and in some instances our troops were avoiding certain hot-zones, at certain times.  If you don’t engage the enemy, the enemy can’t kill you.  Yes, our military leaders were playing probability games.  All so the Bush Machine can pound their chest and point their finger and say: See, the surge is working!  This is finally coming to light, as an AP article recently declared: “Report: U.S. no closer to goals in Iraq than it was a year ago”.  Of course, in many newspapers this article is buried among the back pages.  Your uncle is willing to bet that many of you didn’t see it.

Well, to further illustrate the situation I submit to you the following teaser, and link to a story, in today’s The Nation.  It’s written by Tom Engelhardt.  Don’t enjoy, because this isn’t pleasurable.  But, DO read it.

Don’t Betray Us, General:
Admit That Iraq Keeps Getting Worse,
And That The Surge Failed

By Tom Engelhardt, April 8, 2008
They came, they saw, they deserted.
That, in short form, is the story of the recent Iraqi government “offensive” in Basra (and Baghdad). It took a few days, but the headlines on stories out of Iraq (“Can Iraq’s Soldiers Fight?”) now tell a grim tale and the information in them is worse yet. Stephen Farrell and James Glanz of the New York Times estimate that at least 1,000 Iraqi soldiers and policemen, or more than 4% of the force sent into Basra, “abandoned their posts” during the fighting, including “dozens of officers” and “at least two senior field commanders.”
Other pieces offer even more devastating numbers. For instance, Sudarsan Raghavan and Ernesto Londoo of the Washington Post suggest that 30% of government troops had “abandoned the fight before a cease-fire was reached.” Tina Susman of the Los Angeles Times offers 50% as an estimate for police desertions in the midst of battle in Baghdad’s vast Sadr City slum, a stronghold of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army militia.
In other words, after years of intensive training by American advisors and an investment of $22 billion dollars, US military spokesmen are once again left trying to put the best face on a strategic disaster (from which they were rescued thanks to negotiations between Muqtada al-Sadr . . . “

More at:

Don’t allow them to fool us any longer.  We deserve the truth . . . even when it hurts.

Your Uncle Rave

Security Gains??? of “The Surge”

Do you see what happens when the US government (read the Bush Administration) tries to take too much credit for very questionable glory.

Further proof that the additional 20,000 men, playing whack-a-mole, actually had very little to do with any significant improvements in Iraq.  Looks like someone reneged on a promise made to al Sadr.

It’s time to stop being obedient sheep, people.  The Great Fabricator pulled another fast one, with the help of the culpable corporate media propaganda machine.  And let’s face it, kids.  We let it happen . . . again.  So, put down the Bud-Lite and the Cheetohs, and get off yer mushy, complacent arses and start making some friggin’ noise!  Damn it!

Your Uncle Rave

“The Surge” Of Mouthpiece Hype

In case anybody needed (further) proof that the so-called *security gains* of our “surge” is mostly smoke and mirrors . . . see this evening’s headline story at:

The cease fire isn’t officially off, but Bush and Co. can get back to sweating!

Remember folks, they don’t call it an *idiot box* for nothing!  Unfortunately, most of the radio qualifies as an idiot box a well.  And, even our once trusty newspapers are barely fit to line our bird cages and wrap fish.  Fortunately, you DO have an Uncle Rave!

Your Uncle Rave

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