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More Spitzer Fodder

I had kind of wanted to move on . . . to my views on Hillary vs. Barack, or a group that calls themselves Gathering of Eagles, etc., but an old friend’s question has pursuaded me to wade, once again, into these muddied waters.

R.H. asked:  did you u think it was a good choice for him to resign? I had mixed thoughts on this.

My reply went along the lines of the following:  If it actually all came down the way we were told it did, then yes, I guess that it was best that he stepped down.  BUT, there IS a lot more than just the hint of a witch hunt to this whole sordid mess.  Read or listen to Ben Stein’s – “Sunday Morning” – commentary on the subject!  (I was surprised that conservative Ben had such an open-minded take on this, but I agree with him 100%)  Spitzer had created a long list of enemies over the years.  And, despite his winning the election by a huge margin, he faced staunch opposition from the entrenched republicans in the state assembly, most notably Joe Bruno and James Tedisco.  From Eliot’s first day in office Bruno and Co. put up the obstructionist wall.  They essentially made it impossible for Spitzer to enact any of the changes that he had campaigned on.  If Eliot’s aides had run the “Troopergate” operation with a little more  discretion (and intelligence) then Joe Bruno might have been marginalized, or possibly even completely neutralized. (I still think that Bruno was shown to be the bigger abuser of state funds, despite the Spitzer camp’s utilizing the NYS Troopers in conducting their investigation.)  But, now that’s all a case of woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Does anyone seriously doubt that Spitzer’s stepping on some Wall Street toes, and the fact that he was a prominent Democrat on the rise, had nothing to do with the whole thing coming to light?  The Republicans had been taking it on the chin (I’m sure there’s a nasty joke in there) lately, with Mark Foley and then Larry Craig.  The opportunity to ground a high flying Democrat, with the stature of an Eliot Spitzer, was just too much for the Old Boys Club to pass up.  Hey!  They always say: Payback’s a bitch!

I’m thinking that Eliot may still get his last licks in, and possibly have the last laugh.  After all, the Emperors Club VIP clientele list was 92% (or more) CEOs.  Don’t you think that a smart lawyer like Eliot Spitzer can do something with that?  ;~)

Your Uncle Rave!

Daily Spoilers

(Just to get them out of the way!)

Jumble Spoiler:


Clue/Question: One result (cause?) of being riled.   Answer: IDLER

Cryptoquote Spoiler:

“St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time — a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.”  — Adrienne Cook

(Took longer than usual.  Eventually caught on to the holiday theme!)

Uncle Rave

Welcome Distractions

I should never underestimate the benefit of my greatest distraction . . . my family.  I am truly blessed.

But, I still feel obligated to post something.  I’m looking to make the following a daily ritual:  The Jumble Spoiler & The Cryptoquote Spoiler

So, here goes!  The Sunday Jumble:  SINUGE = GENIUS, SPOOPE = OPPOSE, CRONAR = RANCOR, GHINAC = ACHING, EFFOTE = TOFFEE, WANEDD = DAWNED.  Which leaves us with: NIOORRCINTEDED  – The question: When the cooling system failed, the couple said their house was —  The answer: “ERR” CONDITIONED

The Sunday Cryptoquote (solved): “I CAN’T SAY I WAS EVER LOST, BUT I WAS BEWILDERED ONCE FOR THREE DAYS.”  — Daniel Boone

That’s it, babies.  Pearls tomorrow.  I swear!

Your Uncle Rave  

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