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Jumble Spoiler – 02/04/16

English: Black Cat #1, Harvey Comics

English: Black Cat #1, Harvey Comics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Harvey Comics’ haunt.


Clue/Question:  He told Casper the ghost his secret because he knew Casper – – –

A U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52F-70-BW Stratofort...

A U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52F-70-BW Stratofortress (s/n 57-0162, nicknamed “Casper The Friendly Ghost”) from the 320th Bomb Wing dropping Mk 117 750 lb (340 kg) bombs over Vietnam. This aircraft was the the first B-52F used to test conventional bombing in 1964, and later dropped the 50,000th bomb of the “Arc Light” campaign. B-52Fs could carry 51 bombs and served in Vietnam from June 1965 to April 1966 when they were replaced by B-52Ds which could carry 108 bombs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(I love it!  An American icon . . . of my largely misspent youth!  And, it’s a nice, long, 13-letter answer too.  None of today’s clue words are new, but all of the jumbles came up as new.  I thought we’d seen “bustim” in the past, but it wasn’t in my list of Tags.  Maybe it was before I started entering jumbles as Tags?  Whatever.  It’s there now.  I thought today’s answer letter layout was brilliant!  Nothing about it was obvious, in my opinion.  The biggest clue to the answer was the apostrophe in the answer block line.  That and the phrasing of the clue/question made the probability of the first word ending in N’T pretty high.  And, since there was no C, I figured the word had to be WOULDN’T.  However, the full answer still wasn’t quite resonating with me, so I wrote out the remaining letters:  OYOASB.  For a second I was seeing BOY, but what can you do with OAS???  Fortunately, after that realization, SAY BOO came very quickly.  For those of you who are not cartoon and comic junkies, Casper was “The Friendly Ghost”.  Whereas the stereotypical ghost wants to scare you, mainly by saying BOO, Casper is a nice kid/ghost, who just wants to be friends.  The portrait above the fireplace is probably the human incarnation of Casper.  Either that, or they’re in the home of Richie Rich, another Harvey Comics character.  The Casper character long preceded Richie Rich, so you wouldn’t imagine Casper being the ghost of Richie Rich.  But, an interesting story line could have Richie and Casper being childhood friends.  Maybe Richie was even responsible for Casper’s death!  Maybe Casper was a rival for the hand of Richie’s girlfriend, Gloria!?!  Maybe Richie wanted Casper out of the way, so he . . . But, I digress.  I hope you kids, and codgers, enjoyed today’s Jumble as much as I did.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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