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The Palin Kool-Aid Crowd

The similarities between those who actually (want to?) believe that Sarah Palin is qualified to be a heartbeat from the Presidency, and those who willingly (mainly) drank the grape Kool-Aid (technically, it was “Flavor Aid”) in Jonestown Guyana, back in 1978, are more than a little scary.  Both involve(d) a level of brainwashing that boggles the mind!  The folks in the “Peoples Temple Agricultural Project” were made to believe that Jim Jones was the Messiah, and that he was leading them to the promised land.  The people who support Ms. Palin do so with the same kind of religious fervor, and a general lack of rationality.  The people in Jonestown were willing to sacrifice their lives, and the lives of their children, in order to reach their brand of Nirvana.  I don’t think that most of the Palin-ites have seriously thought through where She might take them.  Saradise?    But, I do hope that they have considered their children.

Like with cyanide, and most other poisons, there is an antidote for the Palin-ites.  You really can’t afford to wait too long to take it.  But, first you have to realize that you’ve been poisoned.


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Sarah Palin (The Magilla from Wasilla!)- A Perspective

When John McCain first made his announcement that he had chosen the little known Sarah Palin, to be his running mate, I was as surprised as anybody.  Heck, you could’ve knocked me over with the proverbial feather.  Now, I had fully expected that he would choose a woman.  To me, it made the most sense.  It kills two birds with one stone.  First thing is, you essentially counter Obama’s “first”, and secondly, you stand a very good chance of drawing off a significant number of the disgruntled Hillary crowd.  But, these are the women that I was thinking of:  

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, of Texas.  She was already a “first” in her field – female Senator of Texas, and she’s got a resume – she’s got history – she’s got chops.  

I was also thinking of Olympia Snowe, of Maine.  Another known commodity, who commands great respect around the country.  You also get the extreme Northeast to the Southwest – spanning the U.S – with a ticket like that!  

I even thought they might give Condi a shot!  High-profile/recognition – DING!  Female – DING, DING!!  Black – DING, DING, DING!!!  She’s attractive, and undeniably – even though,  as an unabashed liberal this pains me – intelligent.  I guess the biggest drawback there was the Bush association.  With a 70% DISapproval rating I guess they just couldn’t afford to go there.  

So, we all got blind-sided by his choosing this pretty li’l thang, from . . . Alaska???  Did Johnny blow a gasket?  Did he forget to take his meds that morning?  What IS the deal, here?  Virtually, nobody knows this . . . this chippy.  She has zippo national/international experience.  And, compared to John, she looks like a teenager!  And then, a number of disturbing – but not necessarily Earth shattering – negatives were leaked/brought to light about the New Wonder Woman.  Namely, a couple of abuse of power investigations, hints that she sought to ban some books, and the revelation that her 17 year old, unwed, high school senior daughter was 5 months pregnant . . . and was going to have the child.  Pure fodder.  Pure – and intentional – distraction, in my opinion.  (More on this later.)  So, what was McCain thinking? 

Now, I’ve heard some, like Time Magazine’s Joe Klein, say that she was McCain’s 3rdchoice.  Apparently, the RNC wanted to shove Mitt Romney down McCain’s throat.  This makes absolutely NO sense to me, considering Romney’s total FLIP-FLOP on abortion.  I give John credit for being smart enough not to allow them to take him there.  Supposedly, McCain wanted two guys that the RNC put the kibosh on.  Joe Lieberman, because he’s a prick/traitor – maybe not the reason the RNC didn’t want him, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that in print – and Pennsylvania’s very respectable Tom Ridge.  Why the RNC wouldn’t jump at the chance of these two powerhouses is beyond me.  So, they’re not staunch Pro-Lifers!  They ARE credible, known commodities.  No, I’m not buying this 3rdchoice business . . . not for a nano-second! 

I think this whole deal has the overpowering stench of Karl Rove.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  He’s now just a political analyst . . . on FOX News.  Ri-i-ight.  But, as long as this guy is breathing . . . as long as he’s not six feet under, or in an urn on somebody’s mantle, do you REALLY think that he’s not involved in this process . . . in some way?  Who better than Rove to come up with the scheme of partnering dear old John with the: young and attractive, NRA supporting, drill any/everywhere for oil and gas, Washington “outsider”, poster child for Anti-Choice?  Rove knows, very well, how telegenic she is.  She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications-Journalism from the University of Idaho, and she worked as a sports reporter on KTUU-TV, for two years.  Television “journalists” are more trained actor than journalist.  She knows how to feign concern and sincerity, and enthusiasm/perkiness . . . while on camera.  Rove and the RNC feel they have the New and Improved “Great Communicator”! 

No.  This wasn’t a John McCain senior moment, and this most likely was NOT a 3rd choice.  This is their version of “the total package”.  A youthful, physically attractive female, with a family straight out of the Lands End catalog, with all the “family values” that the evangelical Christian fundamentalist/religious right (extremists) is (are) looking for.  And, don’t worry about the national/international “experience” thing.  John’s got that covered.  I’m not sure that “compliment each other” is the best descriptor for these two, but they do kind of balance each other well.  C’mon!  We’ve all seen how the cynical and calculating Republican power brokers operate.  They don’t make mistakes.  They make people see what they want them to see.  They’re the masters of smoke and mirrors.  No, this was very carefully planned.  I am certain of it. 

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