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Steven Slater Slam?

Update!  08/13/10:

AS IF yur uncle needed any vindication for writing the truth . . . look who’s (trash)talking Steven Slater now!  None other than the poster-boy for Corporate American Greed . . . Donald J. Trump!  Apparently, he’s slammed Steven Slater as a “horrible” employee.  Big surprise?  Only if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 25 years.  And many/most of the related Google searches are coming up with the word “Wacko”.  Does anyone think that this is just a coincidence?  I think there is a concerted effort here to land some knock-out blows here before this kid even taps gloves.  Fair fight???  Not if they can help it!   —   YUR

It looks like our friends in the Corporate Media have received their marching orders on this guy.  Have you seen how the network “news” is trying to spin this “Flip Out” story, today?  They are bending over backwards in their attempt to stem the tide of this guy’s overnight sensationalism.  And why?  Because actions like his pose a threat to the way corporations control things.  He’s a maverick.  A working man’s counter-culture hero.  They desperately don’t want any copy cats, that is for sure!

Initially, when they reported the story, it was purely a bizarre human interest piece.  Then they HAD to play up the potential for “danger” that he posed by deplpoying the emergency slide.  But, they didn’t really go after him at this point.

But now that his Facebook fan page has more than doubled over night they are starting to go right at him.  They’re “reporting” that passengers are saying that he was the one acting strangely, from the beginning.  And Jeff Rossen, of NBC “News”, is really going out of his way to point out that Steven Slater got into his “boyfriend’s car”.  Wow!  I bet none of you suspected he was gay, did you???

Supposedly, from some accounts, his knock to the head happened either prior to take off, or very early in the flight, and not after it had landed.  Yet, I haven’t heard any of the “reporters” suggest that any of his alleged strange, or bad, behavior could be related to some kind of blow to the head.  You’d think, while not excusing the alleged behavior, but possibly explaining it, that someone might have raised this as a possibility.  (Maybe FOX did!  They’re Fair and Balanced, right?)

This is so pathetic, the way the media toads are trying to take this guy down a peg, or two.  At least his ex-wife, and life-long friend, has come out to support Slater.  She is helping to counter the media slam, by saying how professional and courteous he is, and that he loves his job.  Good for you, girl!

I didn’t really have much of an opinion on this story until I witnessed today’s attempt to take him down.  Then, it just kind of pissed me off.  I don’t like to be spun.  Do you? 

—   Your Uncle Rave 

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