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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 09/28/18

Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”   —   Samuel Butler

(Fruits???  Okay, apples and pears.  Ooh, grapes!  But, what else?  Pumpkins?  I loves pumpkin pie, but are they a fruit?  Ya can’t exactly bite into a pumpkin, now can you!  He’s probably using “fruits” more metaphorically, lumping in veggies and such.  From a north-easterner’s perspective, I look more forward to the trade off of flowers for the fall foliage.  That’s my ticket.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 06/24/18

The giraffe must get up at six in the morning if it wants to have its breakfast in its stomach by nine.”   —   Samuel Butler

(The 17th Century poet, or the 19th Century novelist?  I gotta question how familiar a 17th Century English poet would be with a giraffe!  Hmm!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 02/26/17

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You can do very little with faith, but you can do nothing without it.”   —   Samuel Butler

(It doesn’t necessarily have to be “faith” in a higher power.  It can faith in yourself.  Faith in your teammates.  Or, just faith in your fellow man.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 07/16/15

Samuel Butler (novelist) (1835-1902) Homeestad...

Samuel Butler (novelist) (1835-1902) Homeestad “Mesopotamia” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.”   —   Samuel Butler

(If it showed us our inner being . . . our souls, it might not always be pretty.  Could be downright scary . . . at times.  Not terribly unlike what we often see in the mirror.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 10/06/13

Samuel Butler, by Pieter Borsseler (floruit 16...

Samuel Butler, by Pieter Borsseler (floruit 1665-1684). See source website for additional information. This set of images was gathered by User:Dcoetzee from the National Portrait Gallery, London website using a special tool. All images in this batch have a known author with unknown death date, but according to the NPG’s website the author was floruit (known to be active) prior to 1859, and so is reasonably presumed dead by 1939. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great portrait is always more a portrait of the painter than of the painted.”   —   Samuel Butler

English: The Burgomaster's Family, Dutch oil o...

English: The Burgomaster’s Family, Dutch oil on canvas painting, c. 1640. Possibly by Gerard Donck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(You definitely could not go for too much realism back in those days.  They had to be more attractive than they actually were, and with paintings that had more than one person they very often all had to look pretty much alike.  You had to play up to the guy who was paying for the painting, or else you just might not work again.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/23/13

Samuel Butler (novelist) (1835-1902)

Samuel Butler (novelist) (1835-1902) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is live music; it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule.”   —   Samuel Butler

In a score or on a performer's music part, thi...

In a score or on a performer’s music part, this sign indicates that the musician should perform a trill—a rapid alternation between two notes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(But then again, it always helps to know how to follow the score!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 07/16/11

Samuel Butler (novelist) (1835-1902)

Image via Wikipedia

Most people have never learned that one of the main aims in life is to enjoy it.”   —   Samuel Butler

(Amen, brother!  Another first time quoter to hit Unclerave’s Wordy Weblog!  Hopefully, Mr. Butler won’t be a stranger.  Carpé diem, kids.)   —   YUR

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