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Jumble Spoiler – 09/17/11

The 1986-1987 round three wheel used on nightt...

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Visual Description:  Complaining conservative rookie cooks and a confident cuisinier.


Clue/Question:  The young chefs had not mastered . . .


(I must have gotten a very good night’s sleep, last night.  Because I saw every clue word, and I got the answer without even reading the dialog or the clue/question.  The answer letter layout was superlative, so there was nothing obvious there.  I did notice the two “M”s, the two “O”s and the two “C”s, and I immediately knew that one of the words almost had to be COMMON.  From the remaining letters I saw SCENTS, and the read the cartoon, and confirmed my suspicion.  It almost reminds me of the amazing Wheel Of Fortune solve that this one girl/woman did this week.  Actually, it was a re-run from earlier in the year, but that’s besides the point.  It was a seven word “Phrase”, and the only given was an apostrophe in the second position of the first word.  I think the guy before her called an “R” to start off.  This guy always tried to start with an “R”, was always wrong, and went home with the charity thou.  But, I digress.  Now, the young lady calls for an “L”.  Why, with a seven word puzzle she didn’t ask for a “T” or an “S”, I can only guess.  But, she was correct, and there was a single “L” in the fourth position of the fifth word.  Pat’s in the middle of telling her she can buy a vowel or spin the wheel, when she says that she’d like to try to solve the puzzle.  Everybody is kind of stunned.  What do you mean solve the puzzle, little lady?  You’ve got ONE LETTER!  Pat, reluctantly, gives her the okay to try to solve it, and she very excitedly blurts out:  I’VE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS.  She was right.  The crowd, the other contestants, and Pat all just kind of looked around saying:  Huh!  All she said was she had a good feeling about it.  It was a “Prize Puzzle“, so she figured the reward was worth the risk.  I can see, now, how she saw it.  But, with a puzzle that big I wasn’t even contemplating an answer. 

My personal best was a long, long time ago.  The category was “Thing”, and it played out like three words, all separated by two hyphens.  The first word was five letters, then a hyphen, then one letter, then the other hyphen, then four letters.  I bet that some of you might know the answer!  Give it a shot, people!)   —   YUR

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