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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/24/17

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Puritans will never believe it, but life is full of disagreeable things that aren’t even good for you.”   —   Mignon McLaughlin

(Very funny!  I’m always so surprised when I see that she is a she.  I guess I’m just not familiar with it, as a name, and I just assume it’s a man.  The only context that I know the word is in filet mignon, which I just always knew as a delicious – and expensive – cut of beef!  I wish our country could overcome its Puritan roots.  Socially, we’re still so archaic in our thinking.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 02/11/15

Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.”   —   Mignon  McLaughlin

(Ain’t love grand?  Just a few days to Valentine’s Day.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 02/20/13

Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence (Photo credit: Coolbite1 / Erickson Ocampo)

There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, so few that we feel like doing today.”   —   Mignon McLaughlin

(According to this lady, I’m gonna have to die . . . before you guys dig what I’m layin’ down.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles, sometimes.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/17/13

Humor Defense

Humor Defense (Photo credit: AngSocialMed)

What you can’t get out of, get into wholeheartedly.”   —   Mignon McLaughlin

(Hey!  Might as well!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 10/07/11

Stagg Lefty Tele

Image via Wikipedia

Most of us would rather risk a catastrophe than read the instructions.”   —   Mignon McLaughlin

(I don’t like to read ’em, but I generally do anyway.  I’m not a total klutz, but I’m also not a super handyman.  I still have to tell myself:  Righty tighty, Lefty loosey.  Once or twice, a bunch of years ago, I tried to put a couple of things together without reading the instructions, and I ended up doing some things in the wrong order.  This almost always involves undoing what’s been done, so you can – correctly – complete the assembly.  Also, I can think of a few occasions where I over-tightened the bolts, nuts and/or screws, when the instructions – if I’d bothered to read them – specifically tell you NOT to do this.  REALLY not fun when you’ve also done something WAY out of order.  So, I’ve kind of learned my lesson . . . the hard way.  I guess this is just the trade off for being intelligent . . . and incredibly handsome, of course!  Read the stupid instructions.  For most of us, we’re really better off in doing so.  Peace out, pilgrims.)   —   YUR


Cryptoquote Spoiler – 07/30/11

It's the most unhappy people who most fear cha...

Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers.”   —   Mignon McLaughlin

(Oh, great!  Now, I gotta die before you putzes appreciate me???  Damn!  Today’s was harder than I thought it was going to be.  I was thinking “every” from square one, but I kept thinking that “dead” had to be either “that” or “else”.  Then, I had a Hell of a time tying in the KEM to the KMEM of the big word in line two.  The possessive “its” was just about THE last three letter word I tried!  I think – it was way back this morning, folks –  I just went with the D being the E, and the M being the S, and that’s how I FINALLY settled on  “its”.  From there it all fell into place.  And, of course, the author was absolutely no help.  I’d never heard of Mignon  McLaughlin before.  Pretty cool lady.  A “Smith” girl!  Rest up, kids.  The Sunday word games are coming.)   —   YUR

PS.  I almost gave you a James Carroll Beckwith painting!  Next time around, kids!

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