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Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 03/04/18

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There are few wild beasts more to be dreaded than a talking man having nothing to say.”   —   Jonathan Swift

(Alright!  I’ll try to keep it brief.  LOL.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  I passed up a lot of Trump caricatures, in my Google search . . . just to keep the peace.   —   YUR

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Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 08/05/12



Gulliver presents him to the king, and says he...

Gulliver presents him to the king, and says he means no harm. From “Gulliver’s Travels” (1939) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When you have committed a fault, behave as if you were the injured person.”   —   Jonathan Swift


(I do hope Jonathan was either being sardonic when he said this, or it’s a line from an unsavory character of his!  Is this from Gulliver’s Travels?  Anyone out there know?  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR


(Challenging) Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 11/28/10

Wingback formation in American football

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Most sorts of diversion in men, children and other animals, are an imitation of fighting.”   — Jonathan Swift

(I believe this statement was the foretelling of American FootballGo Bills!!!)   — YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/04/09

Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own.”   —   Jonathan Swift

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