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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 04/11/14


Jayne Mansfield

Cover of Jayne Mansfield

If you’re going to do something wrong, do it big, because the punishment is the same either way.”   —   Jayne Mansfield


army of Jayne Mansfield(s).

army of Jayne Mansfield(s). (Photo credit: carbonated)

(I think this is how the 1 % train their children . . . from birth!  It’s similar to a quote that is loosely attributed to Al Capone:  If you’re going to steal, steal big.  And, hope like hell that you get away with it!  When regular folk, who’ve been taught not to steal, break down and attempt to steal something, it’s usually something relatively small.  And, they usually get caught.  Lack of preparation and precaution?  Guilt?  Probably a good bit of both.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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A Strange Coincidence!

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English: Uma Thurman at the Cannes film festival

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Last night, on The Late Show with David Letterman, our buddy Dave tried to float a quirky little conceptual joke that the audience just wasn’t having.  It obviously cracked him up, and he really hoped that the audience would warm up to it by repeating it.  Similar to his Oscar hosting joke on the silliness of Uma Thurman and Oprah Winfrey‘s names.  If you remember, he did it like he was introducing the two to each other.

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“Uma . . . Oprah”  then  “Oprah . . . Uma”.  I actually thought it was brilliant, but the nimrods thought that he was trying to be cruel . . . or something.  Small minds!

Anyhow, last night’s lead zeppelin went like this: (paraphrasing)  I ran into a woman, who has worked for the show for years, and I said Hello, JAYNE.  Never realizing that she was actually JANE.  (Both times spelling the names out)  All this time I’d been calling her JAYNE, when her name is actually JANE.  Paul Shaffer didn’t even pick up on it, initially.  But, he tried his best to play along with Dave, when he saw where he was trying to go with it.  Dave tried/hoped that the audience would like it better the second and third time, but all you heard were crickets and some sporadic nervous tittering.

Cropped screenshot of Jayne Mansfield from the...

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Now, for the coinky-dink aspect of it!  Just yesterday, in my Cryptoquote spoiler commentary, I brought up the subject of Jayne Mansfield.  But when I first wrote it I wrote it JANE Mansfield!  Spell check didn’t flag it.  Why would it?  But when I went to Google some info on her it kept asking me: Do you mean JAYNE Mansfield?  And, all this time I’d been calling her JANE Mansfield!



PS.  Last Saturday, we were watching Pulp fiction on CineMax.  Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) confuses the Jayne Mansfield lookalike for a second Marilyn Monroe lookalike, until Vicent (John Travolta) sets her straight.

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