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Jumble Spoiler – 02/11/22

Professional Doctor Consulting Young Married Couple At Office | Carolinas  Fertility Institute

Visual Description:  “Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!”


Clue/Question:  They needed a remedy, so they went to a highly rated doctor to – – –

Marcus Welby, M.D. - TV SHOW CAST PHOTO #J-133 | eBay


(Wow!  That is one excellent pun.  And, it seemed to me to be rather original.  I can’t remember a Jumble in the past that used the word PROCURE in the final answer.  Maybe in a clue/question, but not the final answer.  Has anyone seen this used before?

All familiar old clue words today.  However, all four of the jumbles came up as new, for me.  The easiest one was “scurpe”, because there’s that thing that says most people can see the correct word if the first letter and the last letter are in their proper place, regardless of the middle letters.  The answer letter layout was a tense ten letter jumble.  Nicely cryptic!  I figured right away the second word had to be ONE, and from there I quickly came up with PROCURE.  It’s almost a double pun, when you consider that doctors are professionals.

Great cartoon of a very concerned married couple in the doctor’s office.  The doctor reminds me of “Marcus Welby, MD”, played by Robert Young, way back in the early 1970s.  I even remember him as the dad on “Father Knows Best”, from much earlier than that.  “Marcus Welby, MD” was where most of us were introduced to James Brolin.  And, I always enjoyed Elena Verdugo.  Ah yes, good times.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 06/23/21

Zibechi on Eduardo Galeano | Chiapas Support Committee

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.”   —   Eduardo Galeano

(I definitely would have liked talking to Eduardo!  Falling in love, and getting tipsy-drunk, usually take us out of our right minds, and make all the dumbest ideas sound so smart.  I once worked with a guy from Uruguay.  Or, maybe it was Paraguay.  It’s been a while, folks.  And, of course I’ve forgotten his name.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy birthday to Jason Mraz!

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