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Hillary’s Paranoid Delusions

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, loves a good conspiracy theory better than Your Uncle Rave!  But, as I listen to various comments from Hillary, and Bill, and some of Hillary’s campaign people and supporters, I alternately scratch my noggin, and/or laugh out loud, in utter disbelief of what I’m hearing.

Obama has been playing the gender card???  Geraldine Ferraro seems to think so.  She says she may not vote for Obama if (when) he becomes the party’s nominee, because he has acted “terribly sexist”.  And she’s not the only one threatening the Democratic party with this newest form of blackmail.  On Nightline, two nights ago, there was a woman campaigner/supporter from Ohio, who echoed this exact same insanity.  She stated that she WILL vote for John McCain, if Hillary does not receive the nomination!  I wonder if she’s familiar with the phrase: “cutting ones nose off to spite one’s face”?  I’ve heard some of their reasoning for saying that the press is too tolerant of some of the sexist signs and comments that have met the Clinton campaign.  (They claim the guy with the “Iron My Shirt” sign, in New Hampshire(?), did not receive sufficient condemnation!)   But, the only specifics about any Obama remarks are that he uttered the words “now the claws come out”,  in regards to some nastiness from the Clinton campaign, and he once referred to a female reporter as “sweetie”.  From what I’ve seen and heard the reporter took no offense.  And, (conveniently?) there was no mention of whether this reporter was a stranger to Obama, or whether the two enjoy a friendly rapport.

It’s looking more and more like some so-called *feminists* are just far too comfortable in bandying the charge of “misogynist”.  (It’s like their very own “Anti-Semite”.)  If someone doesn’t adhere to your unassailable dogma then you’ll assign them the ultimate Bad Guy label!  All these hystrionics – for lack of a better word – need to cease.  It’s doing absolutely nothing to bring the Democratic party together.  These sour grapes are only counter-productive to the task at hand . . . rescuing OUR country, from a third Bush term.

I had intended to infuse this commentary with much more humor, but the infuriating disgust aspect kind of took over.  For a much more humorous take on this issue – from a real writer – I heartily recommend the following commentary from Dana Milbank.  It appeared in the May 28th, 2008 edition of the Washington Post.

Your Uncle Rave!

Tim Russert Calls It!

FINALLY!!!(?)  I was a little surprised that Tim Russert was one of the first to say that Hillary is done.  “We now know who the Democratic nominee’s going to be, and no one’s going to dispute it.”  After all the fawning he had done over her, even up until Tuesday morning, he has finally regained his objectivity.  (If any of you truly bought into the media bias for Barack Obama I’d be more than happy to show you a lovely little bridge that connects Manhattan Island to Brooklyn, NY.  And, just because I like your face, I’m going to give you my very special sucker’s discount!)

There are two versions of this YouTube video from MSNBC.  This is the shorter one.  You can access the longer one very easily at

Your Uncle Rave 

Just for Laughs

Those Drug Companies!  They\'ve Got a Pill for EVERYTHING!

Those Drug Companies!  They just have a pill for EVERYTHING, nowadays!  This is most likely from somebody from the Republican Right, but whoever put this together was pretty darn clever!

Your Uncle Rave



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