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Merry Christmas Eve/Happy Hanukkah – 2019

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Way behind, but I’ll catch up, folks!  Sorry to keep you waiting, but it’s just one of those things, friends.      YUR

10 Simple Steps to Book a Cheap Auto Repair | Your | Guide | Promo

I just read this tonight, so I haven’t tried it. But, I like the idea! — YUR

Simplify Tasks

Introduction is one of very few companies that send a mechanic to your car provided you book an appointment in advance. Appointments can be booked online or through their mobile app and an instant estimate will be provided to you before booking are made. The price is around 15% to 20% cheaper than most dealers and your local mechanics. This service is currently only available for USA customers.

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Fun Stuff – The “Speaking” Dog

This is a non-political reblogging! Just for fun! — YUR

What Ingrid Watches

This is not only fun but also adorable and genius! A speech pathologist called Christina Hunger has taught her dog Stella how to “speak”, using a soundboard. Sounds incredible? Have a look at the clip (source: CNN).

Not only does the dog know 29 distinct words, but she is also capable of combining 3 -4 words into “sentences”. That is an incredible feat and it’s more than proof that dogs are intelligent! Hunger’s work doesn’t stop here, by the way, because she is eager to know how many more words the dog is capable of learning and if Stella can make longer sentences!

To be continued!

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Jumble Spoiler – 10/03/19

Related image

Visual Description:  Unlucky in love???


Clue/Question:  When compared to his competition, the poker player – – –

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(An ace of a pun?  It definitely wasn’t a flop!  This should’ve been a more obvious answer, but it wasn’t to me.  And yes, I have played poker before.

All of today’s clue words are familiar old friends.  However, all of the jumbles are coming up as new.  As usual, the only one to trip me up was the jumble for “poetic”.  The answer letter layout was a splendid thirteen letter jumble.  I thought it disguised the final answer very well.  I surmised early on that the middle word had to be UP, and the first word had to end in ED, but I thought the third was was LAST – no pun intended.  But, when I saw that I couldn’t make anything out of EKCLW to fit into the first word, I had to rethink things.  Fortunately, I had written out all but the ED and UP, so I was able to see STACK, and then WELL.

For me, I didn’t think that the stack of chips was obvious enough.  When you pull in the pot after a win it’s usually just a disheveled pile, and I didn’t see any other stacks by the winner.  But, other than that, it’s another fine basement, poker scene cartoon.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —  YUR

PS.   The spoilers are suspend for a few days, as I am attending my 40th college homecoming/reunion.  I will most likely get caught up though.  Have a good weekend everybody!      YUR

Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 09/29/19

Related image

Visual Description:  EMTs to the rescue!


Clue/Question:  He’d passed out while shopping, and they didn’t have the – – –

Pre-Answer:  Three Words  (8-letters)  (4-letters)  (3-letters)

Image result for have you no sense of decency


(But, the EMTs have their fingers on the pulse of things.  They are used to working under pressure.  They will get to the heart of the matter in no time.  If need be, they can fast-track him to the ER.

All six of the clue words are familiar old friends.  But today, all of the jumbles have come up as new!  Usually, we have a mix of something old and something new.  The answer letter layout was an interesting fifteen letter jumble.  I thought it hid the final answer beautifully.  The cartoon and dialog were the big clues, for me.

Great mall scene cartoon.  I blame the wife!  The poor guy.  We can’t shop like you girls can!  We need to find a pretzel, or Cinn-a-bon, or ice cream every now and then.  His blood pressure is too low.  He’s hypoglycemic!   You girls are just trying to kill us.  Have you no sense of mercy, ladies???  LOL!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Spoiler Delays

I go under the knife (laser) Thursday, 09/12/19, friends.  Finally getting the knee done.  I’ll see how I feel when I get home.  No guarantees.  Your understanding is appreciated.   —   YUR

Curtain Raiser

More virtues of “getting started” . . . and other relevant thoughts. — YUR
PS. Hey Ingrid/Kitten! Something is up with your link. Whenever I click on it now it brings me to Hub site, and no further!!! — YUR


Climate Needs Warriors, Colltalers

When Hitler invaded Poland, 80 years ago Sunday, the world couldn’t possibly take him for the mass-murderer that he became. But his supporters knew. Worst than history repeating itself is to see it’s about to happen again.
Meanwhile, the Amazon continues to burn but the news is already fading. Not that it ever matched the tragedy’s significance to the planet in the first place. But if carbon dioxide is bad, wait for what methane can do to our air.
Speaking of tragedy, August has signed off by claiming its 51th mass-shooting, near Odessa, Texas. The state’s second massacre in a month left eight people dead and over 20 injured. While many don’t expect this issue to be resolved before the next one – and there will be a next one – or ever, Americans must still refuse to normalize it.
History is also at play in…

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People Are Strange

Let’s try to be sensitive to this, folks. We can be better. — YUR

Muse Writer

People are going to be mean. They will be inconsiderate and sometimes cruel or unsympathetic in their expectations and understanding. We will misunderstand one another and create barriers of disassociation. And it hurts. This pain, it can bring out the worst in us. It can distort how we interact with others. How we see ourselves or even, how we believe others see us in return. People are going to use you. They will manipulate your pain, sometimes without meaning. They will let their insecurities drive focus of opinion into a kind-of forced interpretation of reality that only ever exists in their minds. We lose ourselves in the isolation of thought. We lose each other.

“People are strange when you’re a stranger
Faces look ugly when you’re alone
Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted
Streets are uneven when you’re down”
I am grateful for moments of clarity in connecting to…

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Listen, Mr. President

A letter to the U.S. President, by a neighbor from the north!

Micheline's Blog

Donald TrumpU. S. President Donald Trump (the

Dear Donald,

We’ve had it, and I hope sincerely that you are not reëlected. Millions of Americans and millions of human beings on Planet Earth have to suffer paralyzing and deadly heat waves, while you dismiss “climate change” as “fake news.”

I would also like to speak to you about the fate of women in your country. Do not think for one minute that a woman should always be exposed to unwanted, not to mention yearly, pregnancies. Open planned-parenthood facilities, so women never have to undergo a life-threatening and unwanted abortion. The life of a woman is dear to her, dear to her husband/partner, and dear to her family. Let women be.

As well, tackle doctors. They deserve an excellent salary, but in no way do they need to be very wealthy. They may well be more compassionate than you thought…

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The Apollo Leap

Preserving the Big Blue Marble! A perspective on the 50th anniversary of Man’s landing on the Moon. — YUR


They Went to the Moon
& Discovered Our Earth

This famous shot of the Earth rising above the Moon’s horizon was taken half a century ago by astronaut Bill Anders, helped by Frank Borman and Jim Lovell. But it didn’t come to light until a few months later. When it did, it went straight to my wall.
Like millions of teens, my room in 1968 was a dizzying array of passions and people I admire. There was a spot for the Earthrise shot next to a tongue-stuck-out Einstein, a bonnet-clad Che, a nearly nude Brigitte, Beatles, Hendrix, and Caetano Veloso to boot.
So, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin finally touched down on quaint-named Tranquility Base 50 years ago this Saturday, the deal was already done. Still dauntingly impressive, but the new world had been discovered the previous December. And it was blue.
To this day, we’ve yet…

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