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The Contemporary Mystery of Uranus

Perfect example is the VP over at CBS, who said she didn’t feel all that bad about the Las Vegas shooting because most country music fans are republican! And, she was dumb enough to say this on Facebook! I kinda doubt that Steven Paddock was an ultra-anti-country music critic anyway. The woman at CBS had allowed her politics to overtake her empathy. — YUR

It Just Popped Into My Head

I find it hard to fathom

the stupid shit that comes

out of people’s mouths

on almost frequent occasions,

like their brain

doesn’t connect to their mouth

and anyone with even a simple

sense of logic

or common sense

would throw up the big stop sign

to their jaw

before spewing some of the dumbest,

least empathetic words

I’ve heard

in this lifetime.

If only we still

believed in Santa,

who could install

some kind of tripwire

from our reckless thoughts

to our vocal cords.

It’s OZ

and the scarecrows are everywhere:

they’ve mated with the Tin Woodsmen

to create a hybrid species

of thoughtless, heartless zombies

whose sole purpose

is to get to the wizard,

regardless of who is puddled

in their path.

And of course,

I’m only speaking of adults,

who should honestly

behave much better,

tsk tsk tsk.

The children I work with

are the most earnest

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Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it. ~•~ İyi insan ol, fakat bunu ispatlamak için vakit harcama.

Humility is a great balancer of life! — YUR


Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it. Don’t let people pull you into their storms… Pull them into your Peace.

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

“Life consists of two days , one for you and one against you . So when it s for you don’t be proud or reckless , and when it s against you be patient , for both days are test for you.” (Ali RA)

When your failure brings you closer to your Creator, that’s NOT failure. That is your success. Thank the Almighty for it.

Allah heard the little ant. Do you think He didn’t hear you calling on Him? 
(Muhummad-peace be upon him)

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Jumble Spoiler – 09/08/17

Image result for Cleveland Indians

Visual Description:  A celebratory baseball team?


(Guessing on the)  Giving us:  BOWNONWY

Clue/Question:  The baseball team’s winning streak continued – – –

Image result for Cleveland Indians

Answer:  WON BY WON

(Many thanks to our buddy, hal!  No new clue words for this day.  I don’t remember the jumbles so I can’t tell if any of them were new.  As hal mentioned, it seemed to coincide with the Cleveland Indians tying, or setting, the AL win streak record.  Boy, that was sure something!  My memory of this Jumble are very shaky, so I’ll end my comments here.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Labor Day Cryptoquote Spoiler – 2017

Related image

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day weekend.”   —   Doug Larson

(I’m always mixing up Doug with Gary!  A little surprisingly, Doug is still with us, at the ripe old age of 91!  There are a lot more quotes of his than photos of him!  Be well and safe . . . and do good, friends.)   —   YUR


Human Nature…..

“There ain’t no good guys. There ain’t no bad guys. There’s only you and me, and we just disagree.”

Turning Point

humn 3                   HUMAN NATURE…..  humn 2                                 We are both light and darkness. We will always have both these elements in us—- we can never have only one of the elements. And it is precisely this co-existence of polarly contradictory elements that makes us HUMAN… neither god nor devil…. neither angel nor beast…. 


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Why NOT Hillary

Wow! I’m not a half-bad writer. LOL! I just found this post from March 20, 2008, because some spammer just attempted to post a reply to it. For people who wonder why I did not vote for Hillary Clinton this past November, this post goes a pretty long way to explaining my reasoning. Add in the fact that the DNC and the corporate media colluded to make her the presumptive Democratic candidate, from the very beginning, and completely dismissed and excluded Bernie Sanders, and you’ll get a good picture of why I felt no compunction to vote for her, despite her main rival being about as distasteful a candidate as I’ve ever seen! For the record, I cast my vote for Jill Stein, because the Green Party fits in with my memory of what the – now probably fully corrupted – Democratic party used to stand for. That and she wasn’t Donald or Hillary! Be well and do good, friends. — YUR

Unclerave's Wordy Weblog

First, let me say that I have voted twice for Hillary Clinton, as US Senator from New York.  She is an extremely intelligent person, who has more experience and connections, within the Democratic Party machine, than Barack Obama.  She has shown great courage, both in standing by Bill, during some very trying times, and in the face of all the flack she has taken over the years . . . mostly for being an opinionated woman.  While she was the First Lady the conservatives threw everything at her but the proverbial kitchen sink.  She IS a force to be reckoned with.

But, in this citizen’s opinion, she has sold out the Democratic Party, and is living up to the nickname that some have given her: Bush-Lite.  Why do I say that?  Well, consider the following:

She was one, of many, who voted to give George W. Bush the authority to…

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Curtain Raiser

I know a lot of people on the right don’t usually agree with the ACLU, but this time they can’t complain. — YUR


Banning Speech Empowers Hate, Colltalers

Terrorism, which in America is led now by a re-enabled white supremacy movement, seems to propose a challenge to the constitutional idea of free speech. But despite its complexities, it shouldn’t. The distinction between crime and freedom of expression is already in our DNA.
It’s actually been all by settled even before the Constitution, in what’s known as the Boston Massacre trials, by no other but a founding father, John Adams. Just as he defended in court a group British soldiers, the ACLU is fulfilling its role, by defending everyone’s right to congregate.
The issue has become a contentious one again, since the treasured, and nearly centenarian, civil liberties institution represented the organizer of the Nazi rally in Charlotesville. The violent gathering caused widespread injuries, and the death by car of rights activist Heather Heyer.
The ACLU, however, is not above criticism. It’s announced changes…

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