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Pennsylvania DOES Have a Choice

Pennsylvania has long been one of those powerful states that’s largely controlled by the big party machines.  Their republicans tend to follow their party machine, as their democrats tend to follow their party machine.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that Hillary Clinton is much more entrenched in the democratic party machine than Barack Obama is.  It’s one of the main reasons that she has done better in the larger, non-caucus states.  But, fortunately, there are enough people who are willing to forego the wishes (or will) of the those party machines.  That is why Mrs. Clinton has not run away with the popular vote in the states that she has won.  She has – up to now – enjoyed a relatively healthy 12% edge in the Pennsylvania polls, over Mr. Obama.  Senator Casey’s endorsement of Barack Obama should help whittle down that 12% some.  Just how much remains to be seen.

For Mr. Obama’s sake (and our country’s sake), I hope that a lot more Pennsylvanians follow Mr. Casey’s lead, and find their own reasons to begin to think more seriously about who would be the better democratic candidate.

Your Uncle Rave

Jumping On The NEW Bandwagon

Up until today, I have refused to ask Hillary Clinton to step aside.  Even though I’m solidly in the Obama camp, I didn’t feel it fair to ask/expect her to step aside.  She was always a strong candidate, with a strong platform.  I don’t agree with her on a number of issues, but I do respect her, and I do believe that she loves this country.  I had felt that it’s her right to stay in this thing . . . to the very end.  I didn’t think that it could possibly cause any harm.  BUT, now that I’ve read:

. . . I now feel that – for the good of the party and the process – she really should strongly consider stepping aside.  McCain is rising up the polls, without really doing or saying anything, mainly because the Democrats are still engaged in a slam dance.  I realize she still may have something up her sleeve, and she IS more connected to the Democratic party machine, but she needs to consider the long term consequences of a protracted battle with Obama.  Her calling it a day would be the ultimate sacrifice, and it would really prove how much she loves this country.

Your Uncle Rave

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