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Bonus Quote!

A hypocrite is a person who — but who isn’t?”   — Don Marquis

(Everything – and everyone – is a matter of degree and relativity.)   — YUR

Quote of the Day (Bonus)

A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears.”   — Michel de Montaigne

The Good Global Warming

The world is – too often – emotionally cool.  There’s a big tendency for us to isolate ourselves.  Sometimes we connect. Other times we don’t. That’s just life, we say. But, even the briefest social interlude can warm someone’s spirits, when they are feeling down, or at their wit’s end.  Just the slightest bit of encouragement could make just the right amount of difference to someone’s day, week, whatever.  So, keep those little things going.  The positives, the nicities, the civilities.  Wave to, or greet, your neighbor.  (Not just during the holidays.)  Hold the door for the next guy or gal.  Let someone, with one or two items, go ahead of you at the checkout line.  Let one or two cars merge into traffic, when you don’t have to. (Is losing that three seconds really going to make much of a difference to wherever you’re going?)  And, of course, share your beautiful smile with everyone.  Nothing is more infectious.  All of our encounters – big and small – help to enrich our lives. We wouldn’t be who we are . . . without each other. YUR

Rave’s Random Ramblings – Volume 2

Massage-ynist, maybe:

Imagine!  Someone calling me a misogynist, just because I don’t find Cathy Guisewite funny?!?!  (Probably some feminist bi . . .  oops, just kidding.)  I have nothing against female cartoonists.  On the contrary, one of my newly favorite cartoonists is a young woman named Hilary B. Price.  She draws/writes the nationally syndicated comic strip “Rhymes With Orange”, and I find it extremely clever.  She’s fresh and intelligent, she is relevant to modern society, and she doesn’t pound the same tired joke into the ground . . . for weeks on end . . . like some (ahem!) better known cartoonist previously mentioned.  (One similarity of the two strips is that they’re both drawn simply.)  Most importantly is that Ms. Price seems to have a keen interest in words!  She plays with them, has fun with them.  Also, she’s careful in not making her subject matter political, or controversial.  So, “Rhymes With Orange” can be run in a newspaper that features “Doonesbury”, or in one with that Wrong-Wing Daffy Duck wannabe character!  (I forget his name.)

“Rhymes With Orange”, by Hilary Price — very smart!

Thought for Today:

We are incredibly heedless in the formation of our beliefs, but find ourselves filled with an illicit passion for them when anyone proposes to rob us of their companionship.”   — James Harvey Robinson, American Historian

This is so true.  Most “beliefs” aren’t necessarily a matter of actually believing in something, because usually there is very little – to no – choice in the matter, whatsoever.  Beliefs are traditionally ingrained in us by our parents from a very young age.  Sometimes even before we’re out of the womb!

This quote reminded me of a humorous piece by Time Magazine’s Joel Stein, written about 6 months ago.  He was terribly conflicted over whether he had the right to have his new son circumcised.  He wanted to honor his religious beliefs (and his wife’s wishes), but felt guilty about being responsible for physically removing a part of his son’s anatomy.  I remember thinking what Joel really should be agonizing over is:  does he really have the right to impose the belief system – that was imposed upon him – to his son.  To me, that is a much bigger issue than worrying about keeping, or parting with, a bit of foreskin.

Something as important as one’s beliefs should truly be an issue of free will, and not one of indoctrination.  But, most of us seem perfectly happy in just maintaining that old status quo . . . all in the name of tradition.  We are very strange creatures, we humans.


Rave’s Random Ramblings – Volume 1

Stupid Cathy!:

Against my better judgment, I always read the comic strip “Cathy”, by Cathy Guisewite.  I find it to be THE most annoying comic strip of ALL time, but I can’t help but read it.  Maybe it’s the simple drawings, or maybe I just like to read it and get angry – I don’t know.  Even my kids would refer to it as Stupid Cathy, because that’s how I would read it to them, when they were little.  She’s kind of like the Howard Stern of the comics page.  She takes one joke, usually a small and often unfunny joke, and just runs it into the friggin’ ground!  I’m celebrating because she just recently got off of a 3 week jag on women’s boots!  I can’t imagine even the most shoe obsessed female finding this amusing after the first week or so.  Thankfully, she’s moved on to a Thanksgiving/cooking theme.  So far, it’s not funny either, but I continue to read it!

Interesting quote:

Yesterday’s Thought for Today, in the newspaper was:  Education is a private matter between the person and the world of knowledge and experience, and has little to do with school or college.”   — Lillian Smith Think of it.  Some of the brightest and most successful people in the world did not attend college, and some were even high school drop-outs.  Now, I would never encourage anybody NOT to get as good an education as possible/practical, but we need to get over this glorification – and perverse fascination – of an education pedigree.  Some of the most narrow-minded and boring dolts have some kind of letters following their names, while some of the most interesting people could be fixing your plumbing, installing your cable . . . or raising chickens.

That’s all for today, kids!


Respite from Fort Hood, etc., etc.

Whenever  we get a few days, like the last few days,  where there are such horrific stories (Fort Hood Massacre, Orlando Office Shooting, Ohio Serial Killer, etc.) that make you question the value of “human nature”, you just need some way to regain some sense of humanity.  It is one messed up, sick world we live in, but there is still the other side of the coin.  We are not always so desperate and depraved.  Occasionally, some of us DO do the right thing.  To remind myself of this fact I have bookmarked the following story.  It’s nothing on a par with a Mother Teresa, or anything that ultra-virtuous.  It’s just a simple story of compassion, class and sportsmanship that resonates with me.  Hopefully, it will touch you, as well.

(This isn’t a YouTube video, so please be patient with the obligatory commercial)



Ted Kennedy is Gone – by JoAnn Wendl

August 26, 2009

2:00 AM

CNN’s announcement filtered through my sleeping consciousness until my heart began to quake at the significance of the news, and scenes from past tragedies played and replayed as in a dream. The focus of my sleeping mind drew clearer and I could see, feel and hear, reluctantly, that it was not a dream.  Ted Kennedy had died.

I am experiencing a shock that surprises me in its intensity.  We all knew how ill he was, and so his passing was expected.  But I hadn’t fully realized the enormity of his influence in my life and the sense of well being I felt at simply knowing he was still around in this chaotic world.

And so I grieve . . .  I grieve for all the losses of the sixties, the many tragedies we’ve all suffered over these last almost fifty years, and I remember how I watched Ted Kennedy take one crushing personal blow after another as he learned to persevere and keep the faith.  He became the keeper of that flame that never dies, becoming the father figure in his family, and a father figure for us all.  He triumphed despite tremendous losses and taught us how to endure.  After the assassinations of our liberal leaders in the sixties, he took us by the hand, shared his grief with a grieving nation and became the most outspoken liberal voice in the senate, as a champion of human and civil rights.

He will be missed.


Ahhh . . . The Age of Confimism

Oh, to be 22 again!

Oh, to be 22 again!

Look at yer uncle!  Young, handsome and full of confidence and optimism.  When you’re 22 you think you are ready to take on the friggin’ world.  There’s no such word as “can’t”, and you laugh at people who try to tell you what’s what in life.  It’s not gonna be that way for me!  I’m not gonna work in some stupid office.  I’m not gonna let myself get fat. Make fun of bald guys?  Yeah, why not!  I’ve got a full head of the stuff.  Conventional marriage?  That’s for chumps! I’m gonna be a star! Sounds silly, now, but back then they were – essentially – my core beliefs

Just when did it all go south?  It’s kind of hard to pinpoint.  It didn’t happen all at once, but it likely started with this strange sense of feeling all alone in the Big Apple.  And then . . . there was this middle-aged (+) woman at work, who told me that I was handsome enough, but I didn’t have “it“. “It“, huh?  Hmmm!  Why would/should/did I care what some retiring Yenta thought?  How could something said by somebody so relatively insignificant get in the way of my dreams and aspirations?  Couldn’t!  Could it???  There must’ve been something in the timing of her saying it.  I might’ve been feeling all alone at the time.  I might’ve let myself think that the old gal sorta liked me, and felt betrayed by her declarative candor.  It might’ve just rang true.  Who knows?  Ultimately, it was my fault for letting it affect me.  But, it did affect me.  I played the part of the banker for the next 23 years, always justifying why I didn’t have the time to go to any auditions.

But, life went on.  “Life’s what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”  Yeah, John.  I hear ya, brother.  So, I wasn’t the Zac Efron . . . thirty(ish) years earlier.  Zac’s look probably wouldn’t have worked in the early ’80s anyways.  Hey!  Maybe . . . I could still play the kid’s dad, or something!  Ginger, call my agent!

Your Uncle Rave

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