Cryptoquote Solved – 03/31/23

KERMIT THE FROG "Someday we'll find it the rainbow connection" - CANVA –  Lexicon of Love Music Art

Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.”   —   Kermit the Frog

(As voiced by Jim Henson!  But actually written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher, for “The Muppet Movie”, way back in 1979.  Williams and Ascher are both still kicking, although I don’t know if they’re still collaborating.  They could be retired.  They’re both kinda up there.  Boy, that Paul Williams really wrote some memorable lyrics!  He wrote “Evergreen”, which Babs Streisand had a monster hit with.  He wrote “An Old Fashioned Love Song”, that was a big hit for Three Dog Night.  He also wrote “You and Me Against the World”, which was one of Helen Reddy’s biggest hits.  And a number of hits that The Carpenters had were written by Paul.  I remember when “Rainbow Connection” was being played on the radio, because of the “Muppet Movie”.  A very frazzled ballet instructor, named Suzanne, used to sing it when she was stressed, at the ballet school where we both worked.  I think she might have been having a bit of a nervous breakdown, or something.  She was extremely high strung!  Ah, the memories that these word puzzles elicit!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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2 Responses to “Cryptoquote Solved – 03/31/23”

  1. 1 macalder02 March 31, 2023 at 8:23 pm

    There is nothing like placing ourselves once again in those memorable years where the music that shook the world was enjoyed. Remembering is living and the songs bring us those memories that stayed in our memory (as long as Alzheimer’s does not arrive). Nice to greet you again YUR. Have a great weekend.

  2. 2 unclerave April 1, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    Always love seeing you comment, Mac . . . er, Manuel! I would like to be reading new material on your blog again! All the best to you, my friend. — YUR

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