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Cryptoquote Solved – 02/10/23

Elbert Hubbard Prices - 944 Auction Price Results

The love we give away is the only love we keep.”   —   Elbert Hubbard

(We continue in our Valentine’s Day/Love theme!  Perhaps this quote influenced The Beatles, when they wrote the line:  “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”  Do I know this?  Nope.  But at least I got to reference something from my generation!  Be well and do good, friends.  And dig Ringo’s drum solo!)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 02/10/23

Empowering Parents – fortuneandassociates

Visual Description:  Toddler tutoring.


Clue/Question:  Remembering the first positive two-digit number would soon be – – –

Roberta Flack Has ALS, Not Able to Sing, Rep Says – The Hollywood Reporter

Answer:  TENABLE

(Well, that sounds reasonable.  Of course “tenable” is a real word, and in some circles IS a common word.  But I’m not so sure that the word is used all that much by the rank and file.  I think that most folks are more comfortable using words like:  reasonable, justifiable, defensible, rational and viable, etc..  Like a lot of the English language it comes from the French.  Spelled the same, but it is derived from their verb tenir, which means “to hold”.  I bet it’s a word used by the snootier Brits!  LOL!

All four of today’s clue words are on the ralis95 clue word database.  However, all four jumbles are coming up as new, for me.  All of the clue words ARE common words, and I was able to get them straight away.  The answer letter layout was a seminal seven letter jumble.  Crafty and cryptic, it took me three or four looks before I came up with the final answer.

Wonderful domestic scene of young parents, working with their young son, in getting down the basics of education.  Learning the first ten numbers is fairly attainable, because it’s only ten numbers.  The alphabet is somewhat harder, because there are twenty six letters, so we have the ABC song, which almost all little kids love to sing . . . and/or mangle.  “Elemenopee”!  Five letters squashed into one!  The only problem that a lot of kids – including me – have in learning the numbers is in pronouncing the number three.  I think the THR sound is difficult for young mouths, so it’s much easier to say free.  But we eventually overcome that minor hurdle.  Great Jumble!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

PS.  On this day in 1927, the famous opera singer Leontyne Price was born!  And in 1937, the famous R&B/Soul singer Roberta Flack was born.  And, most importantly, in 1964 the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by a vote of 290 to 130!  Celebrate Black History month!   —   YUR

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