Jumble Solved – 09/30/22

Coconut Palm Trees for Sale – FastGrowingTrees.com

Visual Description:  The Oracle of Orlando?


Clue/Question:  The tree wasn’t growing coconuts like it should.  To find out why, they hired a – – –

Florida cities battle over palm trees - Nursery Management


(Sometimes on television they portray someone like this as eerily prescient, while other times they show them as the frauds that most of them are.  As a goof, one day I stopped along the road where it was advertised as a $10 Psychic Reading.  As soon as I sat down at the woman’s kitchen table she up-sold me to a $30 reading.  I could’ve said thanks, but no thanks, but I said what the heck, I’m here.  She told me THE most basic stuff I’ve ever heard!  To this day, I don’t remember what she said, because it was all such inconsequential, generic nonsense.  At least she didn’t give me any life altering bad news.  But now I definitely know better!

Even though I knew they were all there, I did consult the ralis95 clue word database.  Just to confirm.  Three of the jumbles are coming up as new though.  The only one we’ve definitely seen before is “tarroo”.  I thought that that jumble and “maaelf” were quite challenging.  The answer letter layout was a terse ten letter jumble.  By itself, I thought it was notably cryptic.  But this was one of those Jumbles where you didn’t even need to unscramble the jumbles to get the answer letters.

The cartoon really said it all.  The guy being clearly skeptical, and his overly accepting wife.  And, our small medium at large, with her hands on the . . . what kind of tree?  Oh, yeah.  A palm tree.  Do you think that she’ll be around in the spring to see her prediction come true?  If you believe that one, then I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.  Actually, far too much of Florida has been reduced to swampland.  That Hurricane Ian was brutal to so much of the state.  Poor Sanibel Island.  And, now it’s heading to South Carolina!  I hope that LindaLee, and everyone else there stays safe!  This is a good time to give a donation to the American Red Cross and other relief agencies.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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1 Response to “Jumble Solved – 09/30/22”

  1. 1 Randy October 1, 2022 at 5:27 am

    Surprised the last two words weren’t new.very easy solution.lol even the horoscope says at bottom for entertainment purposes only.evenadame Cleo didn’t see her business failing and she should have known better. Call now 1900xxxxxxx

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