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Cryptoquote Solved – 08/08/22

What would Mark Twain think of Steven Crowder? - Quora

When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.   —   Mark Twain

(Didja hear that, Republican wing-nuts?  Mark Twain had “comrades”!  He musta been one o’ those Pinko-Commies!  Clearly, we must ban ALL of his books from our schools, so our children can’t be groomed into Socialism!  😉😉😁  The quote in the graphic is for the folks who believe the 2020 Presidential election was “stolen”, and Global Warming is a “liberal hoax”.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 08/08/22

With a completed scale model in the foreground the mountain carving of Lakota warrior Crazy Horse begins to take shape in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Visual Description:  Black Hills Beauty . . . some day?


Clue/Question:  They chose a location to carve the Crazy Horse Memorial that was – – –

Crazy Horse Memorial is a Labor of Love in South Dakota's Black Hills


(A very noble idea, but stoked in controversy.  Commissioned by the Lakota elder, Henry Standing Bear, in 1939, and begun in 1948, but it’s still an ongoing concern, and nowhere’s near finished!  That is 74 years and counting.  By comparison, Mount Rushmore took around 14 years to complete.  The Crazy Horse Memorial will dwarf Mount Rushmore when/if it is completed.  Part of the problem is that the family of the sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, was offered funding from the U.S. government, on a couple of occasions, but they turned it down, because they didn’t want to cede any control of the project to them.  Critics of the Memorial Foundation claim that the Ziolkowski family is getting rich off of the foundation, by the memorial not being completed.  And, many of the Lakota also resent that one of their sacred Black Hills is being carved into an image, even though the intention was as a tribute to the great Lakota Sioux warrior.  My feeling is I sympathize with those who would have liked the mountain to have stayed as it was; sacred and natural.  But the – arguably – damage has already been done, and there’s just no way to rebuild the mountain.  I’d like to see the Federal Government intercede, in some way, perhaps via eminent domain, or something, just so it could be completed . . . in my/our lifetime(s)!

All classic Jumble clue words today.  However, it seems that all of the jumbles are new!  They were all pretty simple solves though.  The answer letter layout made for a fine nine letter jumble.  I didn’t think it gave anything away.  I saw ROCK first, and from the IDOSL the word SOLID came to me.  I remember Linc Hayes saying “Solid!” a lot in “The Mod Squad”.  When I was 11-12 years old I thought that was the coolest show in the world.  Michael Cole – “Pete” Cochran – is the only remaining cast member still alive.  I had such a crush on Peggy Lipton back then!  Now, I think her daughter, Rashida Jones, is pretty fine.

Fantastic cartoon of Korczak Ziolkowski meeting with Henry Standing Bear, agreeing to the undertaking!  The critics also say that Henry Standing Bear should not have made the decision on his own.  It should’ve been a consensus from all of the members of Crazy Horse’s descendants.  But like I said, certain things can’t be undone.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Rest In Peace, Olivia Newton John. (1948 – 2022)

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