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Cryptoquote Solved – 07/06/22

Perfect July Quotes for 2022 | Routinely Nomadic

July is hot afternoons and sultry nights and mornings when it’s joy just to be alive.”   —   Hal Borland

(I’ve never been a big fan of the heat.  I tolerated it better when I was younger, but now it just drains me.  Hal passed more than 44 years ago, when seasons were still pretty predictable.  Anyone remember “The Twilight Zone” episode “The Midnight Sun”?  It featured a very comely Lois Nettleton.  Very hot days remind me of that episode.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Solved – 07/06/22

Robert De Niro Wears Hawaiian Shirt And Slides While Filming New Movie In  Greece Nixolympia News

Visual Description:  Everybody is clueless sometimes!


Clue/Question:  After seeing what he had picked out to wear to dinner, she had a few – – –

What Wives Wear Link Up #7 - Little Black Dress -


(It was just a little matter of . . . miscommunication.  Jeff thought they were just going to a neighbor’s backyard barbecue, while Kathy knew it was their friend’s – catered – 25th anniversary dinner.  It’s like that in many marriages.  The wife has all the info, and probably mentioned it once – or 20 times – but the hubby just wakes up one day and says:  Huh?  We’re going where??  Did you tell me about this???  And, then of course:  Yes, dear.  Hey!  Give him a break!  It’s baseball season!

Hoyt laid out all familiar old clue words today.  But he gave us all brand new jumbles!  Surprisingly, I had to back into “census”!  I worked on the 2010 Census, and I was all set to work on the 2020 one, when the pandemic threw in too many curve balls for me to handle.  45 really low-balled the 2020 Census, and the people I went to report to were very disorganized.  So, I said You know what?  I’m good.  And just walked away.  The answer letter layout was an enchanting eleven letter jumble.  Nothing obvious about it.

Funny cartoon.  Kathy in her little black dress, while Jeff comes downstairs wearing a tropical shirt, cargo pants, and friggin’ flip-flops!  And, this wasn’t made up.  It actually happened!  Jeff told me, just after he informed me that yesterday was Tuesday, and not Monday, as I wrote in yesterday’s Jumble Solve.  In my defense, my son and his girlfriend joined my wife and daughter and I for a July 4 barbecue, and our dining ran past my usual Jeopardy viewing.  So, for me, that made it a Sunday.  Thus, yesterday was a Monday . . . in my addled brain.  See!  Everybody is clueless sometimes!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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