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Jumble Spoiler – 03/31/22

LIBBY'S® Famous Pumpkin Pie | Very Best Baking

Visual Description:  Dessert.  Better late than never?


Clue/Question:  The number 3.141 is just a – – –

Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe | Yummly


(A little more than two and 1/2 weeks late, but just made it within the month of March!  A stinky pun delayed is a stinky pun . . . delayed.  Fresh or stale, it still stinks!  I think the guys had this one ready for March the 14th, but figured it was just too predictable.  So, they set aside, allowed it to marinate a bit, then said:  Hey, what the heck!  We might as well use this.  Look at it this way, guys and gals, it’s kind of a way to set up tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day Jumble!  Maybe we’ll get a Jumble with a Thanksgiving or Christmas theme!  LOL!

Of course all of the clue words are familiar old friends.  Even “bilia” and “earpap” are familiar jumbles.  Only “calok” and “siyetf” are coming up as new, for me.  All fine jumbles though.  The answer letter layout was nifty nine letter jumble.  But the totality of cartoon, its dialog, and the clue/question made getting this answer easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Great cartoon of a pie shop!  There’s the pumpkin pie that she’s measuring.  I would just guestimate!  Then there’s what looks like a lemon meringue pie, maybe a deep dish apple pie, either another pumpkin pie or perhaps a sweet-potato pie, and then one that could be some kind of berry pie, like cherry or blueberry.   Is March National Pie month?  It should be.  Fun Jumble!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy 87th birthday to Herb Alpert! (Great song!)

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 03/31/22

Nathan Fillion Breaks Silence on Uncharted Movie and Nathan Drake Snub

It costs nothing to say something kind.  Even less to shut up altogether.”   —   Nathan Fillion

(Ah!  My favorite Canadian.  Actually, he is one of many.  The Fox Television show “Firefly” was a Sci-Fi/adventure masterpiece that was never given the chance to succeed that it deserved.  Fans of the show were treated to the continuation feature film “Serenity”, which I also thoroughly enjoyed.  And, I’m not a super Sci-Fi kinda guy!  Nathan also had the long running show “Castle”, and he’s currently starring in the ABC show “The Rookie”.  Plus, he’s been in a number of successful movies, and even in a number of video games.  He’s a very entertaining fellow, and seemingly a nice guy.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Dismayed, Disgusted and Disappointed!

What's next for Will Smith and Chris Rock - CNN

By now, just about everybody – on the planet – has seen the clip of the most egregious – and totally uncalled for – attack by the actor Will Smith on the comedian Chris Rock.  I had zero interest in the Academy Awards this year, as I hadn’t seen a single new movie in 2021.  But I did switch over to it right after the incident, to see Questlove receive the award for Best Documentary.  A friend of mine texted me a link to an uncensored clip of the attack a little later, and I was totally dumbfounded!  Will Smith?  Everybody’s smiling, laughing good guy???

The physical assault was unprecedented in Oscar history, but the follow-up obscenity laden screaming was possibly even more disturbing.  I’m fully comfortable with the acronym For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, as I drop a dozen, or more, F-bombs each day.  But I’m always cognizant of the company in which I may launch them.  Would I ever scream out that word – twice – in anger – in a theater full of people, most of whom I probably don’t know?  Knowing full well that the event was being televised around the globe?  No!  That was sheer madness.  And, over a fairly innocuous joke about his wife’s – Jada Pinkett Smith’s – very public appearance!  Celebrities are in the public eye, and just about everything said to them, and about them, is considered fair game.  They are supposed to be thick skinned.  For Will to respond with both violence and obscenity was utterly disgusting.  And, for me, it totally destroyed his good guy persona.

Some people have tried to spin it as Will being a “man”, defending his wife’s honor.  That is complete nonsense, as Chris Rock was just making a simple joke.  And, Will Smith can even be seen laughing at it, until he caught Jada’s eye roll and dirty look.  Other’s have tried to say that the G.I. Jane II joke somehow “crossed the line”.  If Jada had been going through chemo-therapy, for cancer, then that would be cause for saying it crossed the line.  But she has Alopecia.  It’s an unfortunate hair loss condition, but it’s not physically painful, and it’s certainly not fatal.  And, in some cases, the hair can grow back.  It affects about 2% of people during some time of their life.  We had a neighborhood kid who lost both of his eyebrows from it.  He’s fine today.  And Jada Pinkett Smith – to her credit – went public with it.  And, despite her shaved head she is still a very attractive woman.  Trying to say the joke was “tasteless” or “offensive” is a just way to excuse Will Smith’s inexcusable behavior.  That kind of violence and obscenity cannot be justified.

Another complaint that I have goes to how the media continues to report this.  And, this might sound petty, or picky, but Will did not say:  “Keep my wife’s name out OF your FFFF’n mouth!”  He very specifically said “Keep my wife’s name out yo FFFF’n mouth!”  Both times.  No “of” and “yo”, not “your”.  I understand that Will Smith was born and raised in West Philadelphia, possibly in a tough neighborhood.  But did he consciously choose to speak this way – as a way to make himself sound even MORE threatening – or was this a case of:  you can take some folks out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of some folks?  We all know he can speak “the King’s English” when he has/wants to.  Just report it accurately, media!

I have to commend Chris Rock.  First for taking the shot, from a bigger guy, and not going down.  Second for his quick recovery to make light of the situation, and continue with his presentation.  And, third for telling the police that he wouldn’t be pressing charges.  Because he very easily – and rightfully – could have pressed charges.  My son has had some personal – public – dealings with Chris Rock, and apparently he is NOT a very friendly individual.  But that can be the case with so many celebrities.  Everybody has their shortcomings.

Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock, and I guess to the rest of us who saw the assault, but it was only on  Instagram.  And, as the old saying goes:  a day late and a dollar short!  He had the opportunity to apologize during his acceptance speech on Sunday night, but instead gave a half-baked, self-serving apology to the Academy and his fellow nominees.  There’s a lot of speculation that this apology was mainly an attempt to repair his reputation, as public sentiment was trending decidedly against him.  He has some more work to do, aside from this apology.  And, he could face some kind of punishment from the Academy.

My wife has always adored Will Smith, and feels very bad for him.  I’m a much more casual fan, but this whole incident makes me wonder about the more general rise in violence, all around the world.  With all this political polarization causing hurtful, hateful vitriol, and this unnecessary war in Ukraine, and countries like China, Myanmar, and Israel perpetrating various forms of apartheidism/genocide, and people assaulting others in the streets, and on the subways, because they’re either Asian or Jewish, etc., etc., I have to wonder if Will Smith’s actions are just a symptom of some kind of universal madness that is taking over the world!  Can we ever return to civility?  Be well and do good, friends.   —   Your Uncle Rave

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 03/30/22

Jacques Cousteau – Kinfolk

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder.”   —   Jacques Cousteau

(Jacques loved the sea, as he loved and respected all nature.  He believed that we need to practice population control, saying “What should we do to eliminate suffering and disease? It’s a wonderful idea but perhaps not altogether a beneficial one in the long run. If we try to implement it we may jeopardize the future of our species…It’s terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn’t even say it. But the general situation in which we are involved is lamentable”.  He died in 1997 when the world’s human population was 5.9 Billion.  Today we’re at 7.9 Billion!  2 billion more people in just 25 years should be scaring the heck out of all of us.  Yet we do nothing.  Sigh.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 03/30/22

High Jump Takeoff Technique

Visual Description:  The Ladies who Launch?


Clue/Question:  The Olympic high jumpers’ favorite beverage was – – –

Inside Housing - Comment - Fosbury Flop


(BOINGGG!!!  Oh, yeah.  This one definitely qualifies as a stinky Jumble pun!  I certainly hope the water is not as foul as this pun.  That would NOT be very refreshing, now would it!  We tend to call all bottled water “spring water”, yet a lot of it is just your basic municipal tap water that has been filtered, and/or de-ionized, and/or oxygenated, and/or infused with so-called beneficial vitamins and minerals.  But we gladly buy the stuff!  Even if our tap water is A-OK!  Why?  The power of marketing!  It is both very persuasive and pervasive.  Of course, there are some areas where the water is high in stinky sulfur and/or some nasty man-caused pollutants, but those are more the exception than the rule.  And, more times than not that’s NOT on Mother Nature!  That’s mostly due to the fossil fuel industry, chemical companies, and other irresponsible corporate practices; like illegal dumping.  Big profits tend to result in shortsightedness.  Kick the can down the road, and let the next generation worry about it.  Oy vey!

Once again, all of today’s clue words are already on the ralis95 clue word database, while all of the jumbles appear to be newbies!  None of them tripped me up though.  The answer letter layout was a wonderful eleven letter jumble.  Nothing terribly obvious about it.  I might have switched the order of “whirl” and “bison”, so we wouldn’t have seen the SNG, but that’s just a minor critique.  The one piece of dialog definitely clues you into the WATER aspect.

Fine cartoon of the high jumpers, and what appears to be some kind of coach/trainer.  In the background you can see somebody executing the Fosbury Flop, popularized by Dick Fosbury, back in the 1968 Summer Olympics, in Mexico City.  I think it’s pretty much the standard way high jumpers have been doing it ever since!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 03/29/22

The Wonderful World Of Disney (1986) – Original One Sheet Movie Poster –  Hollywood Movie Posters

Laughter is timeless; imagination has no age; dreams are forever.”   —   Walt Disney

(I remember being like five years old, and thinking that Walt Disney was the greatest man in the whole wide world!  “The Wonderful World of Disney” was on every Sunday night at my house.  It came on right after “Lassie”.  The closing theme music to “Lassie” always got me a little choked up, but then the Disney theme music would cheer me right back up.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 03/29/22

Pull Along Duck – Purple Cow Toys

Visual Description:  Beary nice.


Clue/Question:  The selfie taken by the small teddy bear came out – – –

Kids Toys Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash


(So . . . perfect?  Cute Jumble pun.  It looks like it could be a scene from one of the “Toy Story” movies.  I remember, back in the late ’80s – early ’90s, a lot of managers would say something like:  “It’s not giving me a warm and fuzzy.” when they didn’t like someone’s idea.  I always despised that cutesy BS phrase. Some business speak phrases have stayed with us, like:  “Let’s run it up the flagpole.”, but thankfully “warm and fuzzy” has gone onto “the ash heap of history”.

All of today’s clue words are on the ralis95 clue word database.  FIBULA seems to be one of the few bones on the list.  If David L. wants a new clue word he could always go with CARPAL.  To my knowledge, it’s never been used as a racial epithet!  Surprisingly, all of today’s jumbles have come up as new, for me.  I didn’t find any of them to be head scratchers.  The answer letter layout was a snazzy twelve letter jumble.  I thought it was more than adequately cryptic.  The cartoon and clue/question set things up nicely, for quick answer.

Really cute kid’s toys cartoon.  I like the little ducky on a string saying “I follow you!”  That looks either like a Barbie doll, or her kid sister Skipper.  I hope that little kids, at least, still play with toys.  I’m seeing way too many toddlers using their parents’ cell phones these days, and I think that’s kind of sad.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 03/28/22

Princess Leia PEZ Head Wine Bottle Stopper Star Wars Drink & Barware  Kitchen & Dining

You’re not really famous until you’re a PEZ dispenser.”   —   Carrie Fisher

(Pretty funny!  Though kind of bizarre at the same time.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual person portrayed as a PEZ dispenser.  Aren’t they usually some kind of cartoonish character?  But it’s been a while since I’ve bought one.  So, who knows?!  Ah!  Now I see!  I started this one off like gangbusters!  But then I hit a brick wall.  I certainly wasn’t looking for PEZ DISPENSER, and I could see neither FAMOUS nor FISHER for a while.  I figured on CARRIE, but couldn’t rule out some unorthodox first name ending in ARRIE.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy Birthday to the lovely Lady Gaga!

Jumble Spoiler – 03/28/22

Wood Dominates the Interior of This Luxurious Big Sky Mountaintop Cabin

Visual Description:  High hopes . . . fulfilled.


Clue/Question:  The couple that bought a mountain top cabin and a condo in a high-rise were – – –

It's All About the View - Appalachian Country Living Magazine


(There ya go!  The guys really seem to be elevating their game today!  A lofty pun, if I’ve ever heard one.  Generally speaking, the higher you go the fresher the air, so we will NOT be classifying today’s Jumble answer as a “stinky” pun.  We’ll just term this pun to be a highfalutin one!  Let’s just say that it soars above the rest.  LOL!

Today’s clue words all reside on the ralis95 clue word database.  Three of today’s jumbles are coming up as new, for me.  However, we have definitely seen “nicgi” in previous Jumbles.  I was able to see all the clue words immediately this morning.  The answer letter layout was a tidy ten letter jumble.  I thought it was a towering-ly cryptic jumble!  But the totality of the Jumble made for a rapid solve.

Great cartoon of the retired couple in their cabin in the sky!  But both a cabin in the mountains AND a high-rise condo???  I guess they’re really living high-on-the-hog!  I can see an eagle flying in the distance, and the guy is holding a glass of wine, but that’s about it.  These reduced sized Jumbles are a pain!  I’m still trying to find that bright-side.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy birthday to Dave Keuning of The Killers!

Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 03/27/22

ladies who lunch | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Visual Description:  The ladies who lunch.


Clue/Question:  She began exercising and eating lower-calorie foods because she wanted a – – – 

Pre-Answer:  Four Words  (3-letters)  “(5-letters)”  (2-letters)  (4-letters)



(Cutting down on the carbs, and increasing her fiber intake, combined with working out at the gym!  Sounds like a good recipe for weight loss.  And, plenty of water, of course.  I just got back from an All You Can Eat Korean Barbecue joint.  Celebrating my “baby” boy’s 35th birthday!  I can still picture him running around the back yard, wearing his little Mickey Mouse jacket, as if it were only yesterday.  It probably was 31 or 32 years ago though.  Of course, now he’s bigger than me.  Time sure do fly!

We have seen all of today’s clue words before.  However, five of the jumbles are coming up as new, for me.  But we’ve definitely seen “vlareg” sometime before.  The answer letter layout was a fantastic fourteen letter jumble.  I thought it was beautifully cryptic.  I saw OF LIFE first, then from the EEGHIWNW the NEW WEIGH came into focus.

Classic restaurant scene cartoon.  It looks like both of the women are enjoying a healthy salad, and a glass of water with a wedge of lemon.  Having just a salad is a little severe for me, unless there is some chicken and croutons in there.  And, please don’t EVER try to serve me cottage cheese!  I won’t touch that curdle milk crap!  How do you women eat that junk?  LOL!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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