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Jumble Spoiler – 10/06/21

Nine-year-old boy weeks away from graduating university plans to make  artificial hearts | The Independent | The Independent

Visual Description:  Impressionable young mind.


Clue/Question:  After learning how to say “hello” in four languages, her parents gave her – – –

I'm a human calculator': what's it like to be a child genius – or to raise  one? | Parents and parenting | The Guardian

Answer:  HI PRAISE

(Lo . . . and behold!  The child has the potential to be multi-lingual.  Starting with a simple greeting is always a good beginning.  She can build on that.  Especially with encouragement from her mom and dad!  They say that young children have the ability to pick up languages because their minds are so fresh and flexible.

All of today’s clue words are already on the ralis95 clue word database.  Yet all of their jumbles are coming up as new!  The answer letter layout was a great eight letter jumble.  There was nothing obvious about it.  The combination of quotation marks, in the clue/question, and in the final answer slots, were the big clue for me.

Fine cartoon of the precocious little girl, and her pleasantly surprised – and very proud – parents.  It looks like Dad is taking a video of his daughter.  Will she build on her beginnings of Hawaiian, Chinese, French and Spanish?  Will she add other languages?  Only time will tell.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy birthday to Melinda Doolittle!

Child Abuse

I think we need national, and international, standards when it comes to “the age of consent”. And, no group should be able to marry off their children until they reach the age of consent. — YUR

Alonge Bukola

Child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse that includes sexual activity with a minor. A child cannot consent to any form of sexual activity, period. When a perpetrator engages with a child this way, they are committing a crime that can have lasting effects on the victim for years. Child sexual abuse does not need to include physical contact between a perpetrator and a child. Some forms of child sexual abuse include:

  • Exhibitionism, or exposing oneself to a minor
  • Fondling
  • Intercourse
  • Masturbation in the presence of a minor or forcing the minor to masturbate
  • Obscene phone calls, text messages, or digital interaction
  • Producing, owning, or sharing pornographic images or movies of children
  • Sex of any kind with a minor, including vaginal, oral, or anal
  • Sex trafficking
  • Any other sexual conduct that is harmful to a child’s mental, emotional, or physical welfare.

How can I protect my child from…

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 10/06/21

watermelon-sweet-corn | Sunnyside News

Home is the place where you can enjoy corn on the cob, soup and watermelon.”   —   Source Obscure

(Been a while since we’ve had a Source Obscure quote!  This was not the easiest solve, and the author did not help me any.  I wasn’t quite sure about IQN for a while, but when I saw WHERE everything else came to me quickly.  Corn on the cob and watermelon can be very messy, and soup can be kinda noisy . . . when you’re a slurper.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy birthday to David Hidalgo, of Los Lobos!

Belated Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 10/03/21

Amy Barsanti Teaching Sample 5th Grade Science - YouTube

Visual Description:  Fifth grade Science lesson.


Clue/Question:  They were learning that wood is comprised of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. in – – –

Pre-Answer:  Three Words  “(7-letters)-(4-letters)” (6-letters)

Let's Make the 5th Grade Classroom Unboring! | ioby


(Definitely a big groaner of a pun!  It has a kind of hillbilly ring to it, but I also know some New Yorkers who kind of speak this way.  A friend of mine lived off Vic-tree Boulevard, in Staten Island.  Although, he might have been joking.  Afterall, he was a big fan of “The Honeymooners”!

All of the clue words are members of the ralis95 Table of Jumble Clue Words.  Although, every single jumble came up as new, for me.  The answer letter layout was a very impressive seventeen letter jumble.  Beautifully cryptic!  The list of elements was a big clue.  The hyphen, and the picture of the tree, were the other big clues for me.  With SOCLOH I came up with SCHOOL.

Fairly standard grade school classroom cartoon.  Sometimes it best to keep it simple.  My newspaper has yet to give me the missing Sunday Jumble and Cryptoquote!  Very annoying.  At least Angela could supply me with a link to this Jumble.  TYVM!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy birthday to Tommy Stinson, of The Replacements!

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