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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 06/28/21


Celebrate all the tings you don’t like about yourself – love yourself.”   —   Lady Gaga

(I just love that I’m very quickly turning into a cranky old man!  It allows me to have a KMA and an IDGAF approach to things.  LOL!  Be well and do good . . . you “little monsters”.)   —   YUR

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Happy birthday to Tim Norwind of OK Go!

Jumble Spoiler – 06/28/21

Front and back of Mount Rushmore : MemeTemplatesOfficial

Visual Description:  Guy talk!


Clue/Question:  Rushmore’s Presidents can talk to each other so much thanks to all the – – –

apushcanvas / Native Americans - Cultures in Crisis | Native american  tribes, Native american indians, Native american art

Answer:  FACE TIME

(A modern twist on a well worn Jumble cartoon scenario!  It’s still a stinky pun, but it’s a fresher stinky pun!  It’s kind of like a presidential version of “The View”, or “The Talk”.  Just the boys, discussing vanity issues.  Of course T.J. is the most concerned with his wrinkles.  And, old George seems more than happy to point them out to him!  And, Teddy and Abe are discussing facial hair envy.  Thank God Whoopee, Joy and Meghan have more relevant/pertinent discussions!  

All of today’s clue words are founding fathers of the ralis95 clue word database.  And, only one of the jumbles is coming up as new, as we’ve seen “ructo”, “vcatie” and “crifee” in earlier Jumbles.  Hey, Randy!  FIERCE is a good example of the I before E, except after C, thing working!  It’s got that E sound.  Surprisingly, I had some trouble unscrambling “ructo”!  The jumble made me look for a two syllable word.  Good jumble.  Excellent eight letter answer letter layout too.  Sufficiently cryptic.

Typical top-notch Mount Rushmore cartoon from Monsieur Knurek.  Apparently, cracks are a significant issue with the 80 year old – since completion – memorial.  So, if you’ve been meaning to go, maybe plan getting there sooner than later.  Just know that you’ll be viewing it from quite a distance, so it might not look as big as you see in most pictures of it.  And, they REALLY should rename it, in honor of the Lakota Sioux people.  Charles Rushmore was just a New York City lawyer who happened to be working out there for a mining company!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Happy birthday to Mark Stoermer of The Killers!  (Apologies to Abe.)

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