Jumble Spoiler – 01/22/21

Sweden in the Europe | National states countries flags

Visual Description:  Next door to Norway.


Clue/Question:  To people native to Stockholm, the city’s houses and apartments are – – –

Party hard at the best clubs in Stockholm


(Cue the dumb blond jokes!  Hey!  I think this is one of the few countries that Trump wanted immigrants to come from.  The dude was about as far from being diverse as one can get.  I mean white’s alright, but variety is the spice of life!  At least we finally have a woman in the VP slot!  First African-American, and first Indian-American, to go along with being a woman.  And, I might add, the first hot Vice President too!  Sure, Al Gore was handsome.  But, the dude was dull.  This Kamala is a fireball.  Did you guys catch how Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor mispronounced her name, giving her the oath?  She put the emphasis on the wrong syllable, like so many of us did when we first saw her name!  I thought it was hilarious.  Definitely ironic, coming from another “first”.  But, we all survived Inauguration Day.  It went off without a hitch, thanks to an abundance of precautions.  And, I was also happy that nothing happened at the state capitals.  I heard that people are now upset with Katie Couric, because she called for the Trump extremists to be “deprogrammed”!  Definitely an unfortunate choice of words, but I guess she could have gone with another term that THEY frequently like to suggest:  “conversion therapy”.  Well, we know that DOESN’T work on gay folk, but maybe exposing those folks to TRUTH and FACTS might bring them back to being regular Republicans.  Those folks you can work with.  Hopefully, we can get back to agreeing to disagree . . . without being so darn disagreeable.

It looks to me like “woody” is a brand new clue word.  Our good friend, ralis95, who’s been a bit under the weather lately, has a little database updating to do.  Three of the jumbles came up as new for me, though we have seen “ploee” before.  I misread “rhehat” and wrote down THREAT, by mistake!  I had to write over THT to HEH in the answer letter layout . . . which happened to be a swell thirteen letter jumble!  I just knew the en-quoted middle word was SWEDE!

Fine cartoon of a couple of blond looking Swedish folk.  I have no idea what’s on her plate though.  It’s definitely not a meatball, I can tell you that!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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