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Curtain Raiser

Two of the world’s greatest injustices. And, they effect us all. — YUR


Israel & the Plastic Quagmire, Colltalers

In the 1960s, it seemed like a good idea: plastic bags to carry stuff. And to pack, ship, roll into a straw, and wrap food and drinks. It was hygienic, versatile, and eternal. A brave new world miracle. Now it’s what it’s stuffing to death the stomachs of whales.
The global right wing wave hijacking democracies, and promoting a populism of oppression, has a major date tomorrow, with the Israeli elections. A win by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu may dash for good the Palestinians’ dream of a homeland.
Reversing the impact of our toxic lifestyle on the environment, and preventing the expansion of authoritarian regimes, are in fact related issues. For it’s unlikely that a government used to annex territories by force, would also protect its people from pollution and climate change. Netanyahu, who’s played masterfully the ‘fear-your-neighbor’ trump card, has no time for…

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 04/08/19

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Throughout history, people have never before expected to be as comfortable as people do today.”   —   Jens Risom

(It’s actually a kind of “entitlement” really.  Before television and the internet people were more satisfied with what they had.  I know that Jens wasn’t trying to make this point, but I can take oodles of liberties on this blog, can’t I.  We welcome Jens to the Cryptoquote Club today.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 04/08/19

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Visual Description:  The donation station.


Clue/Question:  The blood donors didn’t mind waiting, because the facility had a – – – 

Image result for Dracula

Answer:  PLASMA TV

(A great stinky pun to start the work week!  It even took me a couple of minutes to see the answer.  I kind of doubt that vampire movies would put prospective blood donors at ease, but it makes for a good gag.

All of today’s clue words were in a classic vein.  However three of the jumbles were of the new type.  The fourth, “latyl”, was not a factor, as it has definitely been used before.  The answer letter layout was far from anemic.  Only eight letters long, but fortified with iron.  You could say it thrilled me to the marrow, but “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” might get jealous.  Count on it.

Nice medical waiting room cartoon.  I just can’t figure out if the figure at the bottom of the cartoon, between the guy and the plant, is the back of some lady’s head, or another plant!  Enjoy the Dracula movies while you can, folks, because I think pretty soon the #MeTooMovement is going to outlaw/ban vampire movies.  They romanticize the misogynist notion that women actually want to be bitten, don’t ya know!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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