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(ralis95) Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 01/27/19

Visual Description:  Herd of word-nerds.


Clue/Question:  The returning Scrabble champion guaranteed another victory by saying – – –

Pre-Answer:  Six Words  (3-letters)  (4-letters)  (2-letters)  (4-letters)  (2-letters)  (2-letters)  


(What do you think?  Are arrogant nerds annoying, or merely amusing?  I’m definitely a nerd, but I am mega-cool.  Plus, I’m one heckuva handsome, hunky dude.  And, on top of it all, my humility is boundless!  Yes, yer uncle is the total package.  LOL!

Hey!  Guess what?  We have a new clue word today, in “heyday”!  For some reason, I saw this compound word right away!  Our old pal ralis95 may add it to his world famous clue word database.  The jumbles that threw me for a minute or so were “aifurn” and “nlavad”.  All six jumbles came up as new today.  The answer letter layout was a spectacular 17-letter jumble.  I didn’t struggle with it, but there also was nothing obvious about it.  I would not blame anyone for having a tough time getting the answer.

The champ looks a little like Andrew Luck!  I’m watching the Pro-Bowl.  That’s one of Jeff’s boys.  I always like to see it when Jeff and David end up in the cartoon.  It has been a while though.  I haven’t played Scrabble in a long, long time.  Don’t know how good I’d be.  I’d probably hold my own.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR 

PS.  I feel like the M&M from their Christmas commercial!  “He does exist!”  LOL!   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/26/19

Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.”   —   Kobe Bryant

(With that perspective, pressure and challenges actually become positives.  Be well, be positive and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 01/26/19

Visual Description:  Avoiding the opera???


Clue/Question:  William Clement invented the Grandfather Clock because he was able to – – –


(A phrase that I always detested!  Usually, you’d only hear it from one of your douchier manager/bosses, as a *smart* response to:  If I can find the time.  Technically, both making and finding time are not really possible, but creating time is even less likely than ending up with some free time, during a busy day.  The phrase is popular with the same clowns who like to say:  Work smarter, not harder.  To them I like to reply:  How ’bout a nice cup of STFU!

Today’s clue words and jumbles were a little unusual, in that none of the clue words are new, and only one of the jumbles – “kehri” – is new.  Although, we have had kehir before.  The other three have definitely been used in the past.  The answer letter layout was the best jumble of the day.  Eleven letters long, and nothing obvious in it.  Good work, David.

A fine period piece cartoon from our buddy, Jeff.  I did not realize that they go all the way back to 1670.  We kind of take clocks for granted these days, but these kind of pendulum clocks were reliable and accurate pieces of timekeeping technology for over 300 years.  And, now we all know who invented the grandfather clock!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/25/19

Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings – always darker, emptier and simpler.”   —   Friedrich Nietzsche

(Sounds to me like Freddy was having kind of a bad day.  Maybe he was going through a bad breakup, or his dog died, or something.  Kind of a bummer quote for a Friday.  Try to have happy, pleasant thoughts, friends.  They will help you to be well and do good.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 01/25/19

Visual Description:  Discount shopping . . . al fresco.


Clue/Question:  The boutique was going out of business, so they had a – – –


(A stinky sidewalk sale pun!  And, a fairly challenging one at that.  A fun way to end the work week.  I guess you had to think it was going to be some kind of SALE.

Mr. Hoyt has given us yet another new clue word today, in “slushy”.  Our old pal, ralis95, can also add this to his world famous clue word database.  Three of the jumbles came up as new, with “warlt” having definitely been used before.  The answer letter layout was a lovely 14-letter jumble.  Nothing about it gave anything away, that I could see.

Great outdoor clothing store cartoon.  I really liked the name on the awning:  Peek-A-Boutique.  Very clever.  One thing I don’t quite get though is what is behind the dark haired woman’s dialog?  It looks kinda like a flat-screen TV, but this is outside!  Nice sale though.  80% is nothing to pass by . . . depending how high the original markup was.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/24/19

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”   —   Eleanor Roosevelt

(I had a bitch of a time getting this one started.  I suspected the C was the E, but I couldn’t rule out the J.  Finally, I saw DAY and AND, and then NEW came into view.  I wasn’t seeing the name at all.  I played with E_EAN, but didn’t see Eleanor until I was nearly finished.  I also saw the I as O, but was thinking the last name was GOODsomething, or WOODsomething.  It’s a little ironic as 3 inches away, in Today in History, was something about President Franklin D. Roosevelt meeting Churchill in Casablanca, in 1943.  But, I always do these puzzles before reading the funnies and all the other good stuff on those pages.

I think I might just have been having a bad day.  I – unfortunately – woke up around 5:50AM, and then set my alarm for 8:00.  Had trouble getting back to sleep, but eventually did.  Heard the alarm, but decided to sleep a little more.  Woke up at 9:46!  Raining like a SOB, after a number of sub zero days.  Snow was pretty much gone, but there were still icy patches on the sidewalks, for my morning Wally walk.  I came to this one stretch of sidewalk, on a busy road, that had both ponding and ice, so I opted to walk on the lawn/dirt to the side of it.  I could tell that the upper layer of soil was squishy, but it was still frozen underneath.  I thought I had it all under control, when I stepped on this very slight grade.  I fell on my ass.  The handle of the umbrella went into the mud.  My leash hand went into the mud.  I held onto Wally though.  I was able to get up right away, but felt like I twisted my right knee.  I was a little in shock, a little in pain, and a lot pissed.  I was able to complete our walk.  The knee isn’t perfect, but I don’t think there’s any major damage.  I had to do some emergency laundry, as there was mud all over my ass and pants leg.  Then, I breezed through the Jumble, but got hung up on this bad boy.  Before I knew it it was noon, and my son was coming in the door, for lunch.  Holy Crap!  I had no idea that it was that late.  I made him a sandwich, and then got back to the Cryptoquote.  I’m also getting some little chest twinges.  Such a bother.  Oh, well.  I’ve gotten all that off my chest.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 01/24/19

Visual Description:  Comedy club conundrum.


Clue/Question:  When the stand-up comedian ran out of new ideas, he was – – –


(A very intelligent pun.  I think it’s hard to call this one stinky.  I feel bad for the guy.  I guess it’s the comedians’ version of writers’ block.  Not funny at all.

No new clue words today.  Although, all of the jumbles appear to be new.  I had some trouble getting “accuse”, because the jumble – “saucce” – looks so much like the word sauce.  The answer letter layout was a great 12-letter jumble, that gave away absolutely nothing.  I think the length of the answer spaces is what helped me get the answer so quickly.

Fine comedy club scenario.  It looks like he’s trying to rehearse in front of another comedian.  But, unfortunately, he’s run dry.  Does he look familiar to any of you?  I was kinda thinking Jim Carrey, but he’s more of a comedic actor, than a stand-up.  I think he’s brilliant, though my wife can’t stand his hyper-theatrics.  But, looking at all the photos of him in Google Images, I kind of worry about him.  I see a kind of sadness in them, even the ones where he’s smiling.  Maybe it’s one of those tears of a clown kind of things.  I hope he’s in a good place.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/23/19

Enthusiasm in our daily work lightens effort and turns even labor into pleasant tasks.”   —   James A. Baldwin

(We all can’t work at our heart’s desire, but just about any job can be enjoyable, with the right attitude.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 01/23/19


Visual Description:  A very proud pride.


Clue/Question:  When the lions figured out how to build a fire, it was a – – –



(What a silly, stinky pun!  And, I love it!  Lions . . . making a fire.  And then boasting about it.  All for the sake of a pun.  I guess the pride taking down an antelope, and celebrating that, might have been just a little too graphic for the funny pages.  And of course, we wouldn’t have gotten the double meaning, like we did with the fire.

Hoyt has taken a break from giving us gnu clue words.  I guess he didn’t want to tax ralis95 too much.  However, all four jumbles appear to be gnu.  It took me quite a while to come up with “gecko”.  I didn’t have to back into it, but it did have me going.  The answer letter layout was a beautiful 14-letter jumble.  It hid the final answer very nicely.  My first impulse was:  something OCCASION.  But, both words had to be 7-letters long, not eight.  I think it was the second male lion that tipped me off to the answer.  He was kind of the bonus clue.

Great African savanna scene, with an Umbrella Thorn Acacia in the background.  I’m not great at identifying critters by their hooves, but I’ll take a leap that it’s a springbok!  Love the lions.  But, I do believe that the front missy’s tail is on fire!  I think that the veldt is in for a different kind of roar.  One of pain!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/22/19

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music.”   —   Charles Baudelaire

(Mysteries of music are manifested through dance.  Choreographers are the exposers of music’s mysteries.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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