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(Tough) Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 09/30/18

Visual Description:  DIY travel planners.


Clue/Question:  He wanted to go to the mountains.  She wanted to go to the beach.  So they – – –

Pre-Answer:  Four Words  (8-letters)  (4-letters)  (3-letters)  (3-letters)


(I spun my wheels for quite a while on this answer!  I feel the boys may have used a little misdirection on this one.  Maybe I’m just a little old to pick up on this kind of answer.  I knew the first word had to end in ED, but I thought words two and three were EACH OWN.  That left me with HHSLGRIAD, and I couldn’t do squat with that.  I went to a sports bar to watch my team, came back and offered it to my daughter and her boyfriend.  The junk I wrote in negatively affected them, and they put it down to try later.  I picked it up again and thought the first word might be related to COMPROMISED, so I Googled synonyms and got excited when I saw CONCEDED, but there was only one C.  From that search it finally hit me!  SEARCHED!  After eliminating those letters HIGH AND LOW made a ton of sense.  For a while I thought maybe some of the circles were in the wrong spots.  Nope.  Just a tough Jumble.

No new clue words, but all of the jumbles came up as new.  I had to skip and come back to both “ensign” and “gerbil”.  I’m very glad I didn’t have to back into either one of those words, all things considered.  Needless to say, I think the answer letter layout is a master jumble!

Fun cartoon.  Once you have the answer it’s obvious what the couple are doing!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 09/30/18

The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right.”   —   Judge Learned Hand

(I wonder how ol’ Billings – his given first name – would view this Judge Kavanaugh sex abuse allegation/confirmation hearings.  He abhorred the witch hunts of McCartyism.  And, for lack of a better term, we are seeing a variation of this kind of behavior/mentality with the #MeToo movement.  Read the following quote, where I’ve substituted the word “traitor” with “sexual abuser”.

My friends, will you not agree that any society which begins to be doubtful of itself; in which one man looks at another and says: “He may be a sexual abuser,” in which that spirit has disappeared which says: “I will not accept that, I will not believe that—I will demand proof. I will not say of my brother that he may be a sexual abuser,” but I will say, “Produce what you have. I will judge it fairly, and if he is, he shall pay the penalties; but I will not take it on rumor. I will not take it on hearsay. I will remember that what has brought us up from savagery is a loyalty to truth, and truth cannot emerge unless it is subjected to the utmost scrutiny”—will you not agree that a society which has lost sight of that, cannot survive?   —  Judge Learned Hand

Personally, I don’t want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.  But, the republicans refused to even consider Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, leaving the country in the lurch for an unprecedented 10 months, despite his being a moderate judge.  The democrats knew they couldn’t/wouldn’t pull the same stunt against Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, so he got a pass.  But now, because the impending mid-term elections seem to favor the dems, they figure now is the appropriate time for a little payback.  That is what the republicans are alleging, and that’s what many democrats are admitting to.  Dr. Ford’s testimony was compelling, although she kind of rubs me the wrong way.  Kavanaugh’s testimony did not compel me one bit, and I do believe he was less than truthful on some points.  I thought his “emotion” and his “outrage” were contrived.  But 36 years is a long time, especially with no corroborating witnesses.  I’d like to believe her.  He looks like he might have been an overly macho, privileged frat-boy during his high school and college years.  If this assessment is accurate does a leopard change his spots?  And, is it fair to bring up ancient past behavior, not withstanding an actual, verifiable sexual assault/rape, or some other actual, verifiable violent crime?  Tough questions.  I’m torn between my political leanings, and my sense of fair play.  I thought that Anita Hill was much more compelling, with her testimony against Clarence Thomas, but to no avail.  I wouldn’t be devastated if Kavanaugh is somehow prevented from the big bench.  But, I wouldn’t feel proud of how he was kept out.  He said/she saids suck!  Maybe this final FBI probe will produce something a little more concrete?  I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.  Or, maybe the quote in the image above will bear another kind of fruit.  Stay tuned, folks.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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