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Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 07/08/18

Criticism is a study by which men grow important and formidable at very small expense.”   —   Samuel Johnson

(Even critics careers kind of wax and wane.  Rex Reed – who I’ve always liked – put “The Post” at the top of his top ten movie of 2017.  I thought it was a good movie, but it relied on some clichés, and had some revisionist aspects to it that I thought were unnecessary.  And, he put “Get Out” in his 10 worst films of 2017, which I thought was a very entertaining movie.  But, I do agree with most of his picks.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 07/08/18

Visual Description:  Clock Tower power!


Clue/Question:  When it came to drawing tourists, London’s famous clock and great bell were a – – –

Pre-Answer:  Two Words   (3-letters)-(4-letters)  (10-letters)


(Very fitting pun, considering all that is/has been going on in England, lately.  They are reveling in their big Triple W:  Weddings, Wimbledon, and World Cup Fever!  Wow!  The whole world is watching!  What a wonderful wellspring of winning and well-being, for the land of – roughly – half my ancestry!

We’re getting a break on new clue words, today.  Our good friend, ralis95, can just enjoy his Sunday, without having to flex his digits.  Five of the six jumbles appear to be new, with only “pettio” having been used before.  None of them tripped me up today.  The answer letter layout was another thing though.  I had to look at it for over a minute, before the answer chimed for me.  Great jumble!

Fun cartoon.  Jeff made sure – not “shore” – to keep it current, by adding the scaffolding.  Speaking of “shore”, I was surprised that more of you looked up Saturday’s answer, than Friday’s.  I thought Friday’s was more challenging.  But, ya never know.

I’m not the biggest Soccer fan, anymore, but I think it’s interesting that we’re seeing an all European semi-final.  France playing Belgium is kinda like New York playing Connecticut, or New Jersey I suppose.  England should benefit from Croatia being banged up.  Ya gotta feel bad for our friend, Wes.  He was rooting for Brazil.  Hey!  You’ve got 5 Cups, brother!  And, Belgium has never won.  I’m sure, if they did, that would make our friend Ingrid – aka Kitten – very happy.  Share the wealth, and spread the joy.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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