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Jumble Spoiler – 05/26/18

Image result for Mort Walker

Visual Description:  A tribute to Mort Walker!


Clue/Question:  To write down their golf scores, the cartoonist used – – –

Image result for Mort Walker


(Good golf pun!  No new clue words.  Three new jumbles.  We’ve seen “koireo” before.

Cryptic answer letter layout.

Great cartoon of Mort and two of my favorite comics characters, Beetle Bailey, and Hi Flagston!  Mort was one of the great ones!  Rest in peace, Mort!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/26/18

Related image

You can fail at what you don’t want.  So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”   —   Jim Carrey

(More great advice from a first-timer!  Welcome to the Cryptoquote Club, Jim!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —  YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/25/18

Image result for sheryl sandberg

Don’t stress out about the white space – the path you can’t draw – because therein lies both the surprises and the opportunities.”   —   Sheryl Sandburg (SIC)

(I wasn’t really familiar with the concept of “white space” before, but I was still able to get the gist of this quote, which is part of a much bigger quote.  Your plans/ideas/schedules are the darker – more visual – areas of your life.  They come from you.  Everything else is the world around you.  Things that you cannot see/foresee.  Things that are beyond your control.  That’s the white space.  It doesn’t pay to allow the white space to anger you, frustrate you, or get you down.  You have to allow for it, and accept it.  Like Sheryl says, white space can both surprise you, and provide you with opportunities.  Hey!  The Cryptoquote people misspelled her name today!  Second time this week!  So, chillax, bruh!  It’s all good!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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(Sneaky) Jumble Spoiler – 05/25/18

Image result for George VI

Visual Description:  Charles’ grandfather and his mum.


Clue/Question:  George VI’s new shoes were causing him much pain.  They were – – –

Related image


(Ooh!  Now, THAT is one STINKY pun!  And, one that took me some time to solve!  I got all the clue words right away.  Or, so I thought.  Again, and it may have been because of “infamy”, I wrote down “inpact”, which in my mind was impact!  So, I wrote down 3 wrong letters in the answer letter layout AGAIN!!!  Instead of TNI I had PAC.  Maybe I need a brain scan!  Because of the two Fs, I thought one of the 3-letter words might be OFF.  After struggling to come up with the other two words – with those bad letters – I took another look ant the clue words and saw “inpact” was not a word.  I didn’t have to back into the word, because . . . well, I didn’t know the final answer at that point.  I ran a couple combos in my head, to no avail, and then wrote out “tipcan”.  Not that the two words are all that close, but I immediately saw “catnip” from “tipcan”.  Now that I had all the correct answer letters, I could see that OFF was going to rob me of an F for one of the other words.  I actually toyed with FRIGHT being the big third word.  But, the new T got me off OFF, and made it so FIT fit!  Then FOR followed.  CGHNIA puzzled me for a few seconds.  But then, realizing that the letters would fall within quotation marks set off the pun alarm in my head!  Maybe, everything fell into place for you guys, and the answer was a piece of cake.  But, it was a challenge for me.

No new clue words, yet all the jumbles appear to be new.  And, they were good.  As was the answer letter layout!  I felt that it didn’t give anything away.

The drawing of George VI made me think of Prince Charles.  I think George VI was more handsome, but there IS a family resemblance.  It’s a great cartoon, but it took me some time to realize the girl was a young Elizabeth II.  When he becomes king, I think Prince Charles would be Charles IV, if he keeps his given name.  There’s been some talk that he might go by George VII, as a tribute to his grandfather.  The whole British royalty thing is nonsense, as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll never understand how Americans can be so enamored with it.  We fought a war of independence from them, and set up a style of government that prohibits kings and queens.  We even had to fight them in a second war, when they tried to reclaim their colonies!  And, they burned down our young Capitol!  I think that too many of us are just a bunch of saps.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/24/18

Related image

Comparing yourself to others’ success only slows you down from finding your own.”   —   Octavia Spencer

(This lady has been in a butt-load of movies, and television, starting with “A Time to Kill” in 1996.  She is super talented, and usually plays an every woman character.  Probably best known for “The Help”, “Hidden Figures”, and “The Shape of Water”.  I haven’t seen “The Shape of Water” yet.  I’m sure it will eventually come to HBO, or ShowTime, or Cinemax.  A fine quote!  Welcome to the Cryptoquote Club, Octavia!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 05/24/18

Related image

Visual Description:  Sticking to the s-shedu-al!


Clue/Question:  The tourists thought they’d be able to visit Big Ben, but they couldn’t – – –

Related image


(Very good pun, and semi-topical.  The Royal Wedding is finally history.  Thank Heaven!  But, there is still a lot of Brit buzz going on, regardless.  Actually, my neighbor’s youngest is over there, right now, with a college major related trip.  I’m sure he’s having a great time, being 19/20, and being with a group of folks his age.  Good for him.  No new clue words today, but all of the jumbles came up as new.  One thing that I noticed in looking up “finish” is that the word finis is on the list.  I realize we have a boatload of French words that have worked their way into the English language, but it seems to me people only say “Finis” when they want to sound French!  It doesn’t ring as your average adopted Franco/English word, as others do, to me.  What do you guys think???

The answer letter layout is another masterful jumble.  Nothing stands out as obvious.  The cartoon’s dialog was the big hint to the answer, for me.

Fun cartoon of tourists at Buckingham Palace.  There is so much to see in London, and the surrounding areas!  Unless you have a lot of days to get around, you really have to budget your time accordingly.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/23/18

Related image

Dreams do not come true just because you dream them.  It’s hard work that makes things happen.”   —   Shonda Rimes (Sic)

(As a lazy ass dreamer, I cannot disagree!  It’s not that I haven’t worked hard in my life . . . because I have.  It’s just that I never worked hard towards achieving a dream.  I’m a settler, I guess.

If your newspaper is like mine, they left the H out of Shonda Rhimes last name.  Kind of strange, as well known as she is.  She seems to rule ABC.  Remarkably – maybe – I’m not a fan.  I haven’t seen all of her shows, but the ones I have watched always seem to lean to the tawdry side of things.  God knows I’m no prude.  Far from it.  I like a little raunch as much as the next guy.  Maybe even more so.  But, I like it in its place.  I remember when “Grey’s Anatomy” first came on, I was all excited.  I had kind of been jonesing for a good medical drama ever since “ER” went off the air.  I like hospital shows with a little soap opera thrown in, but “Grey’s Anatomy” is just a soap opera . . . with a little hospital thrown in.  “Private Practice” was just a spin-off, so I couldn’t be bothered with it.  That actress never did anything for me too.  But, I was also excited about “How to Get Away with Murder”, because I like legal dramas . . . and Viola Davis.  But, in the very first episode they showed this gay love scene, that I thought was completely superfluous.  And, I’m someone who has always been a proponent of Gay rights!  “Scandal” never appealed to me.  Hey, the name says it all!  I watched the first episode of “For The People”, but it came off as kind of light weight.  Just a lot of extremely young, and pretty lawyers, mostly sleeping with each other.  I haven’t given “Station 19” a shot yet.  Maybe, I will.  But, I’m not going to get my hopes up.  I completely understand that there is an audience – Gen Xers, I suppose – for her kind of shows, but so far they have not been for me.  Maybe, I’m just getting old.  If so, so be it.  The networks never really cared for my – current – demographic in the first place.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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(Oops!) Jumble Spoiler – 05/23/18

Image result for our galaxy

Visual Description:  The wonder of the cosmos!


Clue/Question:  When Neil deGrasse Tyson explains star formation, he does a – – –

Image result for Neil deGrasse Tyson


(An excellent pun, making for an excellent Jumble!  But, one yer Uncle came SO close to posting an incorrect – but oh so close – answer!  All the clue words were familiar old favorites, that I got instantaneously, even though three of the jumbles were new.  We’ve seen “crupes” before.  For whatever reason, when I was writing out the answer letter layout, I pulled the U from “spruce” instead of the E I cant remember the last time I did anything like this!  So, seeing that the answer words were 7 letters and 3 letters, I immediately jumped on JOB for the second word.  This left me with LASRUTL.  I started thinking along the lines of ASTRAL, even though it meant I was missing an L, and I substituted another A for the U.  But, after playing with those letters, I was able to come up with the word LUSTRAL.  It’s not a “usual” word, but it is derived from LUSTRUM, which also gives us LUSTER!  I thought I was golden, as I’ve always heard of the luster of the stars!  My answer, as unconventional as it may have looked, was LUSTRAL JOB.  So now, as I’m preparing to write this post, not quite feeling like LUSTRAL would make for the glowingest of answers, I looked at the jumbles, and my answer letter layout one last time, and I spotted my mistake!  Wow!

Cool answer letter layout . . . either way.  A very non-obvious jumble.

And of course, a great cartoon.  The likeness of Neil deGrasse Tyson was superb.  The animation of the galaxy works well, and the expression of awe, on the rapt viewers, was also great.  Good job, guys!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/22/18

Related image

I celebrate you as you remember the power of grace and pride, and I challenge you to choose freedom over fear.”   —   Janelle Monae

(I think this girl has it all!  She’s beautiful, intelligent, and very talented.  She’s fierce!  And, she’s so friggin’ cute and petite!  And, I actually knew of her before my daughter did!  Just like I did with Mayer Hawthorne, although she tries to fight me on this.  Our government, and the corporate media, love to play up the illusion of “security”.  There really is no such thing, folks.  Especially as an absolute.  They play the fear card constantly, and try to convince us that we have to be willing to surrender our privacy, and freedom, in order to be “safe” and “secure”.  It is B.S., friends!  So, take Janelle’s advice, and choose freedom over fear.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 05/22/18

Related image

Visual Description:  Appreciative of their gifts.


Clue/Question:  When they figured out how to get syrup from maples, it was – – –

Image result for native americans making maple syrup


(Wow!  A super Tuesday Jumble pun!  I can’t say stinky, because I love the smell of maple syrup, and other maple products.  Even maple flavored beer!  All of today’s clue words are familiar old friends again.  One of the jumbles, “smotp” has been used before.  The other three seem to be new.  Both “udonef” and “puntea” were challenging for me.  I even had to back into “peanut”!  And, it still took me a while, knowing I needed the E,U and T.  In that order, no less!  Very often, I attribute these troublesome jumbles to my negative biases, like with “poetry” and “casino”.  But, I love peanuts!  I was just eating some last night.  I guess I just gotta give it up for Hoyt’s great jumbling skills!

The answer letter layout was another super jumble.  By itself, it gave nothing away.  The quotation marks and the hyphen, along with the avoidance of the word TREE in the cartoon’s dialog, were what clued me into the answer.

The cartoon is a fine depiction of people who clearly have a deep appreciation for the natural world.  I remember arguing, with a very conservative, dear friend of mine, about the virtues of the native people of the Americas.  He still liked to think of them as savages, and not necessarily peaceful, because tribes did war against each other from time to time.  I countered that all people were territorial, to an extent, and it wasn’t much different from European countries warring with each other.  I just love the way they respected their environment, and everything in it.  When they would kill an animal it would be only for food, and not for “sport”.  And, they would go to great lengths to use as much of the carcass as humanly possible.  They didn’t view the world as something they should lord over.  They didn’t have that arrogant air of entitlement.  They saw that they were an equal partner in nature, and they recognized that they had a responsibility to not despoil it.  They were surprisingly far sighted.  But, I digress.  The abundance of trees in Jeff’s cartoon was also a clue to today’s answer.  Did you catch the shadow of a deer lurking to the left?  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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