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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/31/18

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For many of you who maybe don’t have it all figured out, it’s OK.  That’s the same chair that I sat in.”   —   Will Ferrell

(Our second Will Ferrel quote in 10 days!  Figuring it out is half the battle.  The other half is fighting for it.  be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 05/31/18

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Visual Description:   Pup pup rip it up!


Clue/Question:  Questioning the dog about the ripped-up newspaper was – – –

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(Excellent stinky pun!  For a couple of minutes, this morning, I couldn’t think of the word rhetorical.  My mind was a blank.  I was getting the gist of the Jumble, but the word was eluding me.  Lack of sleep has that effect on me sometimes.  But, come it did . . .  eventually.

All of today’s clue words are familiar old favorites.  But, all of their jumbles came up as new.  “FEYAST” gave me a little pause.  I was thinking FEASTY, but it sounded like something from Festivus – for the rest of us, so I ruled that out, and saw the “safety”.  The answer letter layout did a splendid job of hiding the word TORE, which is the punniest part of today’s answer.  Even though I struggled a bit for the answer word, I did figure that the first part was RE.

Fun domestic cartoon, with a naughty pooch.  Of course the dog didn’t eat the Jumble!  LOL!  I liked the photo on the wall of the couple – and puppy – in younger days.  Another great Jumble.  The top pic’s dog looks like my Wally . . . if he’d lose 30 lbs!  The GIF is a blonder version of my Ginger!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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