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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 05/29/18

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We have, if we’re lucky, about thirty thousand days to play the game of life.”   —   Arianna Huffington

(Kind of a sobering thought, as I’m creeping up on my 22,265 day.  If we go by the averages, I’m staring down my last 8,000 days!  The clock is ticking!  The sands of the hour glass are starting to run out for me.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been trying to recruit me for a long time.  Maybe I should give in!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Jumble Spoiler – 05/29/18

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Visual Description:  Kickin’ off the pounds!


Clue/Question:  She loved losing weight and seeing pounds vanish – – –

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(Burning more than she’s consuming.  That’s the ticket!  A nice little Tuesday morning, after a holiday Monday, Jumble pun.  We actually have a *new* clue word today, in “hotter”!  Our good buddy, ralis95, will have to add this to his world famous clue word database.  You’da thunk that “hotter” would’ve been in there LONG ago, but no!  Here’s a hint for Hoyt:  COLDER is not in the database either!  Two of the jumbles are coming up as new, but we’ve seen both “cigni” and “relhab” before.  And, “relhab” was the only one that caused me to pause!

The answer letter layout was a magnificent jumble!  It gave nothing away.  It was the leading nature of the clue/question, combined with the cartoon’s dialog, that led me to the answer.

Nice domestic bedroom scene cartoon.  Our heroine appears to be an Adam Vinatieri fan!  Currently, Adam’s the oldest active player in the NFL, as the Kicker for the Indianapolis Colts.  He’s 45, and he holds a number of scoring records.  Definitely a future Hall of Famer!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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