Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/09/18

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The only way out of today’s misery is for people to become worthy of each other’s trust.”   —   Albert Schweitzer

(I don’t think that Al could have ever imagined the kind of misery we’re seeing today.  Phone scams targeting the elderly, banks and insurance companies ripping us off with exorbitant rates, celebrity Presidents who cater to corporations and the wealthy, witch hunts/kangaroo courts playing out in social and conventional media, and on and on and on.  Very few seem to be worthy of each other’s trust these days.  What a shame.  Be well and still strive to do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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1 Response to “Cryptoquote Spoiler – 01/09/18”

  1. 1 Liz June 23, 2018 at 9:07 am

    My favorite Schweitzer quote. It is profoundly true on every level of human existence. A lack of trust instills fear, doubt, insecurity and fuels frustration, anger, violence and other destructive emotions that harm all life on this planet. If only humans could realize how and why the current state of mistrust has been orchestrated by established governments and big corps in an effort to divide and conquer and control the masses, maybe they would rebel by focusing more on developing their own good character (despite their adversaries) and leading by example.

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