Jumble Spoiler – 08/26/17

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Visual Description:  Valuable vinyl.


Clue/Question:  The classic vinyl albums were selling for – – –

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(I think this one was designed to stump just about everybody under the age of 40!  I let a nephew of mine have my vinyl collection, some years ago, for five bucks!  I’m sure there were a few that would have been fairly valuable if I had sought out a collector.  I know I had Jefferson Airplane’s Takes Off, and either Volunteers, or Surrealistic Pillow.  Maybe all three.  I was never that big into them to begin with.  I think my Mom bought them for me for Christmas, one or two years.  And, either she just liked the name of the band, or some salesman recommended them to her.  I was too young to appreciate them, at the time.  I was more into The Monkees, Paul Revere and The Raiders, and Three Dog Night.  Ooh, and The Archies!  Not a real band, but they did have a monster hit.  “Sugar Sugar”.  At 10, 11 and 12 I was like most kids.  I was more into Pop, than serious Rock.  I’ll give you some 60’s Pop after this is finished.

We actually have a new clue word today, in “cross”.  Across is on the ralis95 clue word database, but not “cross”.  I was quite surprised.  I guess it will be a new entry shortly!  All of the jumbles came up as new today.  That doesn’t happen every day.  All the jumbles came to me right away today.  The answer letter layout did a great job of keeping the answer hidden.  It was another case of:  which word are they trying so hard to avoid?  The cartoon is a beauty.  Jeff put himself in it, wearing a WILCO tee-shirt . . . of course.  The clerk is wearing a Clash tee, as he’s holding Led Zeppelin’s first album.  It looks like Jeff is holding a Beatles album, but I could be wrong.  This one was a lot of fun, for a guy like me.  I hope most of you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

5 Responses to “Jumble Spoiler – 08/26/17”

  1. 1 David August 26, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    I’m surprised to learn CROSS was new as well. I think you did the right thing selling your records to your nephew for $5. You got ’em out of the house and weren’t going to listen to them again, anyway… right? Unless you never played them and kept them in plastic wrap (so both the records and jackets are in Like New visual condition), they’re not worth the trouble to sell them after the fees on eBay. Plus the value is going down every year, because most people our age are downsizing now, not adding to collections. Shipping has gotten so expensive, too. If you have the challenge of cleaning up a parent’s place when the time comes, you’ll find you can’t give away the records they listened to anymore. It’s all supply and demand. Pass ’em on to somebody who wants ’em while you can.

  2. 2 unclerave August 26, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Yeah, David. My regrets are minimal. My cat, from my bachelor days, clawed most of the spines of the album covers. So, I’m sure that brought the value down. And, my nephew was/is(?) a DJ, so he got good use out of them. — YUR

  3. 3 roy odom jr August 26, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    I still get mileage out of my old LPs.
    PS. I am trying to get my nephew to insert a personalized photo of me on WordPress, but the site is most uncooperative …

  4. 4 Damidwesterner August 26, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    I still have my LP collection I started while in college. That’s what happens when you joined the mail order record club (Columbia House). It was an exponential growth.
    Some stuff is kind of eclectic, that you won’t find in a CD. Whenever I think about getting rid of it, a certain song comes to mind. It’s in one of the LPs in the 4 crates they’re stored in, but I haven’t found it yet.
    I also have a friend who picks up records at estate sales. Has a ton of old time records, even 78s. He wants me to come over some time to help him sort the thousands he has. He showed me a batch, and one of them was an old Dion DiMucci (of Dion and the Belmonts) song. He gave it to me, I have it somewhere. 🙂

  5. 5 unclerave August 27, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    My wife’s cousin-in-law was kind of like that. He used to buy old audio stuff at flea markets, and garage/yard/tag sales. Some records, and strangely enough eight track tapes. But, his biggest passion was old radios! He’d also buy boxes of old tubes, so he could restore the radios. He had ones from the 1920s up to the 1950s. RCA Victor, Motorola, Zeniths, Philips, Philco, Emerson, you name it. He lived in fairly rural Pennsylvania, on a hillside, in a McMansion, and we would listen some evenings to stations from all over the east coast and Canada. It was like taking a step back in time. He passed away from prostate cancer on December the 2nd. We weren’t super super close, but I liked him, and I’ll miss him. We used to argue about which Rod Stewart was better. Since he was a lot older than me, he liked the newer mellower one that did all the duets a few years back. While I still prefer the Maggie May, and the guy who used to front The Small Faces, rocker. He was also a huge golf fan. We’d always visit his family on a weekend, and he’d almost always be watching golf. I usually watched football or baseball with his sons, but we’d also join him after our games were over. Oh, well. Time marches on! — YUR

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