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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 07/29/16


Historia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.”   —   A. Whitney Brown

(And, it’s almost always written down with a certain bias.  “History is written by the victors.”  —  Walter Benjamin  The victors are always the virtuous ones, and losers are – essentially – the bad guys.  Revisionist history is a term that is mainly used derisively, but more often than not, most history requires a good amount of revising.  History has always been my favorite subject, but I know to take most of it with a good dose of salt.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 07/29/16

see filename

see filename (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Women’s bar.


Clue/Question:  With each glass of wine they filled, money – – –

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, showing colour Shot with Nikon D70s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Answer:  POURED IN

(This one was a little tricky for me.  My very first inclination was for the second word to be UP, but that left me with ENOIDR.  From that dead end, I quickly switched UP with IN, and then the answer came pouring in!  There were no new clue words today, but two of the jumbles were new.  We’ve had both “cante” and “birto” before.  I didn’t struggle, but I did have to think a few seconds on the first three jumbles.  “Luxury” jumped right off the page for me, though.  “Madcap” is another compound word, but it’s one that doesn’t really bother me.  But, why hasn’t deadend become a compound word yet?  Seems to me it would make a good one!  But, I digress.  The answer letter layout made for another good jumble.  Maybe you didn’t, but I had to think a little to get the answer.  Fun cartoon.  Jeff intentionally went a little overboard on the money angle.  Even the guy in the back looks like he’s paying with cash.  Wine bars seem to be more of a chick thing.  LOL!  Most guys are going to either have a beer, or some kind of liquor.  Some kind of mixed drink, or maybe a shot.  I love a nice glass of wine, usually a Cabernet, but only as a prelude to, and then with, a meal.  Drinking wine, without the benefit of a meal, usually results in a headache and sometimes a hangover.  And, I can do without both of those.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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