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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 04/20/16

English: Statue of Dr Samuel Johnson in Market...

English: Statue of Dr Samuel Johnson in Market Square, Lichfield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the disadvantages of wine is that it makes a man mistake words for thoughts.”   —   Samuel Johnson

English: Bottle of wine.

English: Bottle of wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Ohhhh, I can certainly attest to that!  Well, to be accurate, there usually are thoughts behind those words.  But, they are thoughts that should be kept to one’s self, and not blurted out at a very public event.  Things like:  I don’t care if you are married, I’d do you any day!  This to the Resident Advisor’s wife, who I had known for over three years.  And, very likely said in very close proximity of the R.A.  The only saving grace is that people recognize the blatherings of a clearly wasted, 145 pound, harmless, nice guy . . . and kind of let you get away with it.  As long as you don’t make a habit of it.  In my case it was actually rum that did me in that night, but I’ve overindulged a few different beverages in my day.  Fortunately, not in quite a while.   Aah, lessons learned.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

Jumble Spoiler – 04/20/16


Amundsen-in-ice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  A Norwegian waaaay down-under.


Clue/Question:  When Amundsen reached the bottom of the earth in 1911, he put a – – –

Portraits of Roald Amundsen

Portraits of Roald Amundsen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(The South Pole, that is!  I appreciate historical themed Jumbles.  I’m a big history buff.  We had no new clue words today, but two of the jumbles came up as new.  We’ve definitely seen both “lirgl” and “podta” in the past.  “Adopt” spells out in alphabetical order.  I thought today’s answer letter layout was the most cryptic jumble Hoyt has come with in quite a while.  I don’t think it gave anything away.  Jeff’s cartoon was relatively simple, yet very effective.  I really liked the steamy breath, and the way Roald Amundsen is patting one of the sled dog‘s head.  Can you believe he died a few weeks short of his 56 birthday???  He looks like he’s easily 70 something!  Lots of fun.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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