Super Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 02/07/16

English: Andra Davis, a player with the Denver...

English: Andra Davis, a player with the Denver Broncos American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Miscalculated Michigan alum appearance!


Clue/Question:  After their team won the Super Bowl, some of the fans were – – –

Denver Broncos logo

Denver Broncos logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(What???  Two weeks is NOT enough time to edit a cartoon???  Who’s playing today, people?  That’s right, the Carolina Panthers and . . . the Denver Broncos!  NOT that banged up bunch of also rans, coached by the illegitimate, morose son of Al Davis.  LOL!  Nothing scared me more, and pleased me more, than the AFC Championship game of two weeks ago.  Especially after last year’s Super Bowl debacle.  Who even thinks to throw the ball on second and goal from the one yard line, when you have the best power back in the league?!  It was beyond stupid.  It was – beyond a shadow of a doubtTHE biggest gaffe in Super Bowl history.  Worse than Jackie Smith dropping that pass, that hit him in the numbers, while falling to his butt in the end zone.  Even worse than Scott Norwood‘s wide right field goal miss.  Arrogance and ego are two of the greatest ills of human existence, because they have a funny way of biting you in the butt.  Pete Carroll had to learn that the hard way.

There were no new clue words today, but four of the jumbles came up as new.  The guys have definitely used both “dunsed” and “leronl” sometime in the past.  I liked all the jumbles though.  The answer letter layout maybe could have been better, but I’m not exactly sure how.  You just knew the first word had to be either AT or IN, based on the lead in of the clue/question.  I guess AN was an option too, but it would have been too obvious, seeing that it was right there in the answer letter layout.  Hoyt wouldn’t do that.  The quotation marks and the hyphen, and Jeff’s – delusional – celebration were the biggest clues!

I really don’t have a favorite going into today’s Big Show.  I don’t hate either team . . . for me to have someone to root against.  No questionable, or dirty, players or coaches.   And, I like both of the QBs.  Based on their records, and the outcomes of their respective Championship games, the Panthers are the clear favorites.  But, Peyton is the sentimental favorite.  The charismatic, aging gunslinger, with probably his last chance to get his second ring, makes for a nice Hollywood movie-style ending.  All we really want is that the game is competitive.  Lop-sided games take all the fun out of the Super Bowl hype.  Let’s hope for that, no serious injuries, a few clever commercials, and an entertaining – Cold Play – halftime show!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

1 Response to “Super Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 02/07/16”

  1. 1 LindaLee February 7, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    I don’t have a team in this game either Unc. I don’t really much care for either team. The husb feels differently!! At the moment he’s not too happy with the score. 😦 The 50th
    Super Bowl. OMWord. So hard to believe that was 50 years ago. I remember being totally glued to the TV. Go PACK!

    I had trouble with ENROLL !!! I was all around that dadgum word. And the puzzler gave me pause, but actually got it pretty quickly once I sat down and took a hard look at it! Thanks guyz for a fun SB50 puzzler.

    Take care all!! LL

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