Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 01/10/16

English: A nasty attack of alliteration! Sign ...

English: A nasty attack of alliteration! Sign by the NYMR engine sheds, Grosmont. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  The authors’ cult . . . er club.


Clue/Question:  When the young author sold his first book, he and other authors celebrated his – – –

English: Collage of photos of authors

English: Collage of photos of authors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(Excellent, literate pun!  And a great Jumble!  With great use of alliteration!  A lot of snobs will tell you that alliteration and puns are pretty lowbrow.  Tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine!  I love ’em both.  I hope that doesn’t sound too “coarse” because . . . that is our newest clue word to add to the ralis95 clue word database.  Yes, it is a new clue word.  Assonance . . . and I never even realized this until today.  Most of the jumbles came up as new today as well.  We have definitely seen “zehewe” before.  A carefully crafted answer letter layout.  A real Jim-dandy jumble.  The cartoon is a little creepy.  Part Harry Potter, part Stephen King-esque tale.  As a matter of fact, that could be J. K. Rowling and Stephen King flanking the newbie!  Maybe Jeff will confirm?  If . . . he’s not too busy with his other career!  LOL.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR


1 Response to “Sunday Jumble Spoiler – 01/10/16”

  1. 1 LEBJUM FEJF January 10, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    Yes. That was suppose to be JK and Mr. King. I was thinking of the Da Vinci Code type secret society.

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