The Big One……………………Chapter 64

Chapter 63 seemed to be well received, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy chapter 64 as well. All credit to millerhappy3. — YUR

The Big One.....

Anson Gorbel was feeling the tension rise within himself as time drew near for the implementation of this coming military strike against the valley farm in order to seize the special new signal directive technology. He had felt a renewed confidence at the outset of preparations for this mission but felt a certain unease now. There had been a message sent to Anson earlier that day telling him that his partner the former Russian agent Egor Vrolev had recovered much quicker than expected and was moving around the base. Gorbel had chosen to have all three drones sent from that same base situated in what used to be the southern states in order to maintain the greatest element of surprise. The situation room screen came to life with an image of a rather pale Egor Vrolev still in his underwear sporting a big smile.

“Hey boss hows it going with you”?…

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  1. 1 millerhappy3 September 24, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    Thank you for re blogging my friend, much appreciated. Cheers.

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