(Tough) Cryptoquote Spoiler – 06/10/15Hoffer


Robin-Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How frighteningly few are the persons whose death would spoil our appetite and make the world seem empty.”   —   Eric Hoffer

Robin Williams

Robin Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(I guess it all comes down to the fact that births and deaths are relatively personal matters.  They both happen, countless times a day, each and every day.  The cycle of life.  The ones that matter to you aren’t likely to matter to me, and vice versa.  But, hopefully we can all empathize.   Switching from the personal to the more celebrated, who has died in the last few years that has truly affected you?  For me, I’d have to say Robin Williams’ death was the most upsetting.  I know some people – especially older people – didn’t appreciate his frenetic persona/act.  But to me, he was a white hot luminous beacon of creativity, who always brought a smile to my face.  His death was both a huge shock and disappointment to me.  To this day, I still find it hard to believe that he took his own life.  Maybe it’s selfish of me, but I just found it to be so senseless.  Whose death got to you???  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

3 Responses to “(Tough) Cryptoquote Spoiler – 06/10/15Hoffer”

  1. 1 Colltales June 10, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    I absolutely agree; Robin left a great void in his wake. And the disconforting feeling that if someone so full of life, capable of bringing so much joy to everyone else, could feel like garbage about himself, then what’s left to us, talentless hacks who could gladly lose a limb to experience that kind of inner light even if for a mpmeb. Obviously, I’m getting it all wrong here, and on purpose too, just to show how disturbing his loss still is to me. Not one to prey at the celebrities’ altar, I just felt extremely humble and small after his death. Thankfully we’ll always have at least that bit about Scotland to pee in our pants laughing. Thanks for the reminder, Uncle.

  2. 2 haliburton76 June 10, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    This one *was* challenging, Unc Rave. I stared at it at least 10 minutes, finding no “gimmes” like THAT or NEVER, and finally took a stab that YDZ, appearing twice, might be THE, and it was. Even with that, APPETITE and EMPTY are not frequent words in Cryptoquotes! The setters must have decided to sprinkle in a complex sentiment among the platitudes, and they did it with a flair.

  3. 3 unclerave June 10, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Wes & hal,

    One to the commentary, and one to the puzzle. Not bad. Thanks, guys. I appreciate you both taking the time. — YUR

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