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Jumble Spoiler – 09/10/14

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the ...

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the camera on the other. ūüôā (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  Busted . . . behind the wood shed!

DUSKO¬† =¬† KUDOS,¬† NIRBG¬† =¬† BRING,¬† WARLEY¬† =¬† LAWYER,¬† SIMACO¬† =¬† MOSAIC¬†¬† —¬†¬† Giving us:¬† KOSBNGLWEMOI

Clue/Question:¬† He promised to give up cigarettes, but he was just – – –

Some Kills

Some Kills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No Smoking - American Cancer Society's Great A...

No Smoking – American Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke Out (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Excellent.¬† Nice 12 letter answer.¬† It looks like we have a new clue word, in “kudos”.¬† ralis95 can add this to his clue word database!¬† All of the jumbles appear to be new.¬† I thought they were all great, but especially the one for “mosaic”.¬† The answer letter layout was another great jumble.¬† Definitely not a give away.¬† Super job on the cartoon.¬† I like all the butts by the guy’s sandaled feet, and the smoke effect.¬† Not quite sure what that is coming from the front/side of the shed, above the wife’s accusing finger, but it doesn’t detract from the overall drawing.¬† Be well and do good, friends.) ¬† — ¬† YUR

PS.   Happy 85th Birthday to Arnold Palmer!  (He graciously gave me his autograph a little over 47 years ago.)  You have always been a class act, Arnie!      YUR

Cryptoquote Spoiler – 09/10/14

English: Stephen Covey at the FMI Show, Palest...

English: Stephen Covey at the FMI Show, Palestrante on June 22, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not a product of my circumstances.¬† I am a product of my decisions.”¬†¬† —¬†¬† Stephen Covey

(Very noble hyperbole from a . . . guess what . . . motivational speaker!¬† The proper attitude – and fortitude – ARE very important attributes in succeeding at anything, but your environment and circumstances usually do have a say in the matter.¬† Some will overcome life’s various obstacles, others won’t.¬† If you don’t want to feel like a defeatist . . . you keep plugging.¬† Be well and do good, friends.)¬†¬† —¬†¬† YUR

PS.¬†¬† Yes, Art.¬† I did have to Google to get the V.¬† It could have been almost any one of the ten remaining letters.¬†¬† —¬†¬† YUR

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