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Jumble Spoiler – 04/25/14

Elephas maximus indicus, in Chitwan National P...

Elephas maximus indicus, in Chitwan National Park, Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Visual Description:  The old Duck Soup gag!


Clue/Question:  Whether or not the zoo’s new pachyderm was from Africa or Asia was – – –


Elephant_4217 (Photo credit: gmacfadyen)


(Reminiscent of the courtroom scene in Duck Soup, when Chicolini says:  “Now I ask you one.  What is it has a trunk, but no key, weighs 2000 pounds and lives in a circus?”  Lawyer:  “That’s irrelevant!”  Chicolini:  “Relephant!”  “Hey, that’s the answer.  There’s a whole lot of relephants in a circus.”  Classic bit, from a classic comedy.


English: Fig. 1: Asian Elephant. Fig. 2: Afric...

English: Fig. 1: Asian Elephant. Fig. 2: African Elephant Deutsch: Fig. 1: Asiatischer Elefant. Fig. 2: Afrikanischer Elefant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No new clue words today, but I thought the clue word jumbling was great.  The jumblings of “elude” and “burlap”  look new to me.  Some New Yorkers use the word “elude” when they should be using “allude”.  The same ones will use “report” for “rapport”.  They try to argue that it’s a regional pronunciation issue, but that’s poppycock!  The words have totally different meanings, and they are pronounced differently.  The answer letter layout was also jumbled pretty well.  I would have switched “burlap” and “infect”, to make it a little tougher, but that’s just me.  I liked the way the cartoon hid the elephant’s ears.  That’s one of the big giveaways in telling an African elephant from an Asian elephant.  But, the younger guy’s question does have some merit.  Most zoos have Asian elephants.  They have the smaller ears, are a little smaller than their African counterparts, and can be domesticated.  The African elephants are wilder, and need much more space than the Asian ones.  A fun cartoon and a fun pun.  Good Friday fare!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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Cryptoquote Spoiler – 04/25/14

Terry Pratchett enjoying a Guinness at honorar...

Terry Pratchett enjoying a Guinness at honorary degree ceremony at Trinity College Dublin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s no such thing as writer’s block.  That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.”   —   Terry Pratchett

California poppy

California poppy (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

(I know some people in California who might take offense to this statement.  But of course, this was all said in jest.  This was a remarkably easy solve, with the apostrophized words, the word PEOPLE, and words that started with TH.  The hardest thing might have been in getting the author.  This is our first Terry Pratchett quote, and the first quote of any Terry at all, since I’ve been posting these spoilers.  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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