Sunday Cryptoquote Spoiler – 02/02/14


Epitaph of Mary Baker Eddy

Epitaph of Mary Baker Eddy (Photo credit: Eliya)

Two dangers beset mankind:  making sin seem either too large or too small.”   —   Mary Baker Eddy


POTD 2013-10-14 - Mt. Auburn Cemetery - Mary B...

POTD 2013-10-14 – Mt. Auburn Cemetery – Mary Baker Eddy Monument (Photo credit: BillDamon)

(I’m not really a fan of words like “sin” and “evil”.  They’re too fraught with emotion.  They are not rational words.  But historically, mankind has needed to set various boundaries, whether to advance civilization, or just to keep us from falling into total anarchy.  It started with spiritualism and religion, but it eventually evolved into laws and governments.  We certainly don’t want to live under conditions of the Spanish Inquisition, but we also can’t live under the conditions of Caligula.  We have to be rational enough, mature enough, and flexible enough to find some kind of middle ground.  Be well . . . be objective and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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